We are Innovative Prepress, Premedia, Digital Printing & Creative Technologies Production Company

Each team member at NDigitec shares the belief that “A PROMISE IS A PROMISE”. Being confident and competent, each of NDigitec team members have made 3 promises to serve as key performance indicators towards their team, company and most importantly towards NDigitec business partners.

Vision and mission

At NDigitec, we aim to enrich lives through innovative media technologies and creative production solutions.

We promise to meet the unique needs of graphic arts, creative media production, prepress, and digital printing locally and globally. We do this by staying up-to-date with the latest technologies and constantly improving our quality standards.


Each team member at NDigitec shares the belief that “A PROMISE IS A PROMISE”. Being confident and competent, each of NDigitec team members has made 3 promises to serve as key performance indicators towards their team, company, and most importantly towards NDigitec business partners.


NDigitec (Namma Int’l Digitec FZ LLC) can be traced back to the early 90s when our company CEO – Vatche Kavlakian started a company as one of the pioneers in the field of IT integrated prepress and printing services in the Middle East.

NDigitec is an innovative prepress, premedia, digital printing & creative technologies production company, offering a value chain of solutions & services, for graphic arts, printing, packaging & media industries & brand owners demands, competently.

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Vatche Kavlakian


"I believe that the success of a business is the reflection of its stakeholders. With over 25 years of experience, a computer-engineering background, and an alumni of Yale School of Management, Vatche Kavlakian's drive for growth and innovation defines him. He leads NDigitec, aligning with global trends for revolutionary success.

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Raffi Kavlakian

Executive Manager - Digiprint & Fabrication

Raffi Kavlakian brings over 20 years of expertise in high-end wooden finishing materials for retail brands in the Middle East and GCC. For two decades, he's led sales and business development in the Gulf. Since January 2017, he's served as Executive Manager for Digital Printing and Fabrication at NDigitec.

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Shahe Kavlakian

Executive Manager – Prepress

Shahe Kavlakian's expertise has propelled NDigitec to be recognized by ESKO as a top global and Middle Eastern user. With over two decades in R&D and Prepress, his skills and leadership as Executive Manager are invaluable.

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Yeghig Bekerian

Executive Manager – Dubaiprint.com / Head of IT & Operations

Yeghig Bekerian, a football enthusiast with an engineering degree in Automated Systems for Information Development & Management, joined NDigitec in March 2008 as an IT Executive. Now, as Head of IT & Operations, he also leads Dubaiprint.com.

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Harout Tekelian

Executive Manager – KSA

Harout Tekelian, a genuine executive at NDigitec, has led NDigitec Saudi with innovation for over 15 years as NDigitec Saudi Executive Manager. His strong interpersonal skills and unwavering focus on growth make him an ideal leader for our Saudi branch. Harout exemplifies motivation and competence, consistently achieving record-breaking results.

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Ardo Hampartsoumian

Creative Director

Ardo Hampartsoumian, with over 4 decades of experience in the Graphic Industry, Photography, and Quality Assurance, joined NDigitec during a significant expansion in 2013. As Executive Manager of the design team, he played a key role in shaping the company's brand identity and quality standards. Currently, Ardo serves as Creative Director and Head of Quality at NDigitec.

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Ehab Lotfy

HR and Administration Manager

Ehab Lotfy joined NDigitec in 2017 as HR and Administrative Manager, specializing in government relationship management. He's a self-motivated team player, overseeing administrative and HR duties, fostering a positive team spirit and corporate culture.

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Sumesh Pillai

Accounts Manager

Sumesh Pillai, an MBA Finance professional with expertise in both manual and computerized accounting from The Institute of Accountants, joined NDigitec in 2011 as an accountant. Renowned for his accuracy and punctuality, he has become an integral part of the team, now serving as Accounts Manager and a key member of the managerial team.

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Siju Sadan

Accounts Manager

Siju Sadan, NDigitec's Accounting Manager since October 2010, brings over 16 years of experience. He excels in solving complex problems and driving financial strategies to exceed company goals, showcasing his motivation for growth within NDigitec.

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Harout Apkarian

Production Manager – Prepress

Since establishment, Harout Apkarian has been a part of the success story of NDigitec. Post education in the computer science institute he worked as a prepress senior editor, then as the Production Manager of NDigitec Prepress, he has contributed unprecedented growth in terms of both market share & profitability across the Middle East.

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Raffi Shashajian

Sales Manager - Prepress

Raffi Shashajian, starting at NDigitec in production in 2008, shifted to sales, impressing management with his performance. As Sales Manager of Prepress, his consistent success earns him respect throughout NDigitec, showcasing the company's commitment to recognizing and rewarding staff potential.

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Manikandan Sivaraman

Senior Sales Executive - Prepress

Manikandan Sivaraman has proudly served NDigitec for 6 years as Senior Sales Executive of Prepress & Premedia. With over 2 decades of proven success, he continues to excel. Manikandan believes in teamwork, embodying "One Team, One Vision, One Spirit, One Victory."

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Puzant Maxudian

Project Manager - Fabrication

Puzant Maxudian, starting as a fabrication assistant in 1995, joined NDigitec in 2016 as a Project Manager. He handles various projects like signage, displays, and exhibitions, embracing the ever-changing challenges with enthusiasm.

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Veeda D’souza

Operations Manager - Digiprint

Veeda D’souza completed education in the Masters of Business Management. She joined NDigitec at the end of 2012. She has experience in operational systems, processes, and policies in support of the organization’s mission, as well as proper documentation of the jobs. She says: “NDigitec motivated and inspired me a lot to reach this position.”

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Vartan Kinoyan

Production Manager - Digiprint

Vartan Kinoyan has over 3 decades of experience in running and managing Digital Printing and Fabrication plants. During his long journey within the printing industry, he has gained experience in offset & digital printing, as well as operations and maintenance of digital printing machines. He joined NDigitec at the end of 2018 and since has been an integral part of the team.

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Saro Yirikian

Digital Press Manager - Digiprint

Saro Yirikian started his career in 1995 in digital printing, color separation, and image setting. In 2016 he joined the NDigitec family as a Digital Press Manager. With more than 20 years of experience, he is still learning new methods and techniques to share them with his colleagues. He says: “By sharing, I’m pushing myself and my team to perfection.”