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Top 5 Most Creative Car Adhesive & Vinyl Print Designs Ever!

2 February 2018

As the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) states, a single vehicle wrap gets on average from 30,000 to 80,000 views per day. Wow! What an impressive reach, right? What a great opportunity for Outdoor Advertising for brands to use!


Indeed, car adhesive & vinyl print designs provide all-day every-day promotion of a brand with very wide reaches and high impression rates! In fact, 98% of drivers report remembering ads on the sides of cars. And, that being said, vehicle advertising is proved to create greater brand awareness than other advertising media by 15 times. Impressive, huh?


We know! Brands know it very well too, which is the reason they constantly come up with super creative car adhesive & vinyl print designs that have all the chances to catch the eyes of the busy drivers and passing byes. Now, have a look at these top 5 most creative car wraps ever that we have put together just for you. Enjoy!


Adhesive For Vehicles: Kleenex


This is a vinyl graphic of a man blowing his nose into a handkerchief. The latter literally sticks out of the van in a real fabric form as the man holds it to his nose. The most awesome part of this car adhesive & vinyl print design is that when the van moves, the fabric, a.k.a. the handkerchief dances in the air with the wind creating the illusion that the man is blowing his nose very hard. Well-well! The message goes: “Let it out.” So creative!


Adhesive For Vehicles: Oral-B


Creatively introducing the new toothbrush to the public in the streets by a manufacturer of oral and dental health products!


The advertisement is designed in such a schematic way that the brush of the toothbrush held with one hand is placed on the ground, and when the truck is in motion, the car brush rotates as if it is the toothbrush working its way. Cool, right? Just imagine the load of attention this print design has gotten!


As the bus doors open, the mouth of the shark opens to eat you: captioned “Built for the kill.” Wouldn’t you ride it?


This is the kind of bus adhesive & vinyl print design that definitely will put a smile on your face! Isn’t that right even by just looking at it? We bet it is!


Adhesive For Vehicles : WPM


They say they sell boxes, so they became one! Well, not literally them, but at least their car design! Still counts, right?


Now, this is a creative car adhesive & vinyl print design that is simply genius in its nature, don’t you think? Nothing more to add here, really!


Adhesive For Vehicles: ACE


This typical American school bus half way transforms in its design into a prison bus, indicating that “75% of all inmates are high school dropouts.”The purpose of this creative car wrap is to stress the importance of a complete high school education, as without it high school students are more likely to turn into imprisoned lawbreakers.


What a powerful message addressed in a very unique and creative way, huh?


And, so that you know, the branded company behind this creative design with vinyl lettering provides children of low-income families with scholarships to private schools in grades K-12. An admirable stand with admirable Outdoor Marketing efforts!

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