Do you really need to strengthen your brand identity?

11 March 2019

Do you feel like your brand lacks engagement? Do you think that it could have been performing better? Or that not enough people know about it? If you answered yes to all of those questions, then yes, you do need a brand identity.


In short, brand identity is what your company stands for,  conveyed through its attributes, values, and strengths. All the things that a customer takes home about your brand constitute brand identity.


Some of the essential elements of brand identity, like a logo, colors, images, illustrations, and sounds, most of us are well aware of.  But those are only part of it. Good brand identity is much more than that. It includes more tangible things like wordmarks, brand’s typography, layout treatment,  and intangible ideas like the company’s purpose and mission.


You might be wondering though, what problems can those things solve. The truth is, more than you think.  Here is what a strong brand identity can do for you.


If you want to create a strong business


To create a brand identity that works you need to answer many questions like ‘what is your mission’, ‘what are my values?’ Those seemingly unrelated to the brand and its sales questions, however, are essential elements of brand identity. By answering them, you will develop a better sense of your brand’s strengths and weaknesses. In other words, developing a brand identity helps you understand your company better. And that means you can create a company that resonates with more people, have better marketing campaigns, and target the right people.


If you want to build loyalty and trust  


Think about yourself — when you see a company that does not have a proper logo or the branding is done poorly, or when the employees have no idea what they are doing, you do not want to trust the company. Those essential elements of brand identity serve an important purpose. So, no matter how good your product is if you do not have a consistent brand identity chances are people will be reluctant to trust it.  That in its turn will make it harder to attract new customers and make them keep on coming back after they choose you for the first time.




If you want your brand to be remembered


When a company has a consistent brand presence, it becomes much easier to notice and remember it. Only think of some of the corporate giants. All of them have one thing in common — they treat their brand identity seriously. You will never see Coca-Cola forgetting to put its logo on their post, or accidentally use another color. And rightly so. When a company is visually consistent and has a strong message, it becomes easier for you to relate to the company and, thus, remember it.


If you want to show commitment


Having a strong brand identity is also a way of showing to others that you are committed to your brand and know what it stands for. When you have a strong brand identity, it signals to others that you are ready to invest in your company.  People want to be associated with brands that care about their presentation. You can demand commitment only when you are committed t yourself.


If you want your brand to grow


The more your companies grow, the better needs to be its identity. It signals to the people and your competitors that you take your brand seriously. Not only that — a better identity can also help attract new customers and price premium for your services. High-Quality brand identity is how you convince your customer in the superiority of your brand. Think about Apple — we all know that difference between it and its competitors is not as big. But that is what they told all of us we should believe in and most of the kind of went along. 




If you want to improve your operations


You might think, how can the visual identity of a brand affect the way your brand operates. The truth is that in many ways. It is about much more than just the way a brand looks. It is about having consistent goals, vision, and mission. So, if you feel like your company has operational problems, investing in developing a strong identity can help solve some of the problems. 



Essential elements of brand identity are essential for a reason


The best way to ensure that your brand stays on the top of its game is by making sure that all of its elements are just as great, as the brand itself. Your brand’s identity is going to dictate how other people see and treat your company, so you better be the one who dictates it. Most of the time the question is not whether to have a brand identity or not — you will end up having one, out of your own will.  you want it or not you are going to have one. The question is what kind of identity you want to have.


We at NDigitec help other businesses develop stronger identities, by offering graphic design, software development, prepress, and premedia services. Those all are the essential elements of brand identity that stand behind the success of major global companies all around the globe. If you want an identity that will resonate with people and help you solve your internal and external problems, then investing in it is something you need to be considering. Contact us if that is what you have decided to do.



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