4 Types of Product Packaging Mockups You Need to Know

30 April 2019

It isn’t possible to organize a full creative photo shoot for your products. The time or budget might restrain you. You might not have access to the product or might want to create settings, impossible to recreate. But packaging is the last thing you’d want to ignore when working your marketing campaign. No matter what your reason is if you can’t have a full photo shoot for all of your products, product packaging mockups will happily help you out.


To get into the most popular types of mockups, first, we need to understand what the term means. Product packaging mockups are digital versions of the products’ packaging. Mockups are an inexpensive and quick way of recreating a version of the commodity for testing, catalogs, websites, etc. It allows you to use images of products without having to stage photo shoots or having the product at hand at all times. 


People use mockups in all kinds of industries to showcase the benefits of their products. Not only there’s a huge variety of products available. You can use those digitally reproduced models to create the best one and give the packaging the attention it deserves.


Food packaging mockup help you avoid messiness 


The food industry uses mockups the most. Why? Well, mainly because food packagings follow certain standards. The colorful labels make it seem like all the bottles and cans are very different. But the truth is their shapes are generic, and media agencies can recreate the model without difficulty. With the minimum effort and at almost no time you’ll have an accurate model of the product you can use in your website, advertisement and social media.


food packaging mockup


Food packaging mockup not only make the image-creation process quicker, but they also can give you a lot of freedom. Food organizing a creative photo shoots isn’t easy – it melts, goes bad, and gets destroyed. Mockups are much less capricious. You place them in settings you’d never find in the real world, experiment with colors, and create mind-blowing compositions. Food packaging mockups do what even professional food photographers can’t. A bonus point — with mockups you can have much more interesting images. Most of the time with the food you need to be very careful to get a good shoot. But with digital, you can be just as messy you want.


Package box mockups help test different options


Package box mockups are another type of popular mockups. Most of the products have packaging boxes, inside of which the produce put their products. Think toothpaste box, gift box mockups, shipping boxes, and toy boxes. The variety is huge and choosing one that fits you best might not be easy. It’s a problem mockup help to solve. 


package box mockups


With package box mockups you can test all the options and choose the one that presents your product in the best light. The best think about them is that they are digital — you need not have a copy or each and everyone to get what it will look like. Mockups will allow you to experiment with its looks before settling on one. You can try as many colors, shapes, and sizes as you want. More often than not, a mockup will be enough to help you decide if the option is for you or not. It’s the rational choice for practical businesspeople, looking to save up without sacrificing the quality.


Avoid countless boring photo shootings with clothes mockups


It’s almost impossible and often senseless to have photographs of all the clothes and designs in your collection. If you’re an e-commerce company, you know what we mean. Imagine, you’re working on a collection of T-shirts with funky quotes. Taking photographs, editing, and them posting of every single piece might not be physically possible. Clothes mockups are a necessity in many of those cases.  


T-shirt clothes mockup


Using them, you can create a new T-shirt in a matter of minutes. You might think it isn’t the same as having a professional photographer take a picture of every piece. You’ll be right. But pre-made and pre-generated mockups do the work any image of a product need to do. They show customers what clothes will look like on someone or in a certain setting. The mockups are of such high-quality that the difference will only be in the budget you spend to get them. Spoilers! If you use mockups, it will be significantly lower. 


Bring creative concepts to life with cosmetic packaging mockups


Cosmetic packaging mockups are yet another popular type of mockups. There’s a huge variety of in this category. You can try out new shapes, use creative arrangements to give your images a special feeling, and experiment with colors without having to have the product at hands. The high-quality of the mockups, produced with current technologies allow us to produce packagings, indistinguishable from the real ones. Only a professional can case whether the image in front is an actual photograph or only a mockup.


cosmetic packaging mockups


Cosmetic packaging mockups allow for a lot of creativity. With mockups, the variety in the packagings increases unimaginably. You can use those images to produce captivating ads, catalogs, and websites alike. You can create any image you have in mind from scratch. 


The role of product packaging mockups in your promotion


We’re living in the time of images dominated the world. If you want to have a place in the world of visual stimulations, you need to care about how your company looks and how well-adopted are its messages to the audiences you’re working with, as much as you care about what it does. That’s where product packaging mockups step in. 


Most of the business that offers products use mockups in one instance, because of how convenient they are. Using them, you can create cool social media posts, impressive websites, and memorable presentations. Contrary to what you might think, they make work seem much less intimidating and more creative. With mockups, you don’t have to take photos, and then upload, edit, and retouch them. Product packaging mockups can save you a lot of time you can spend doing other things. We’re you have many things on your to-do list to keep you busy. 

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