NDIGITEC produces series of TV commercials for new Huawei Mate 10

NDigitec produces series of TV commercials for new Huawei Mate 10

18 January 2018

NDigitec, the leading UAE-based innovative creative media production company, has produced a series of creative TV commercials for Huawei Mate 10 Smartphones.


The new commercials not only celebrate the Mate 10’s key features and selling points but also highlight the competency of NDigitec in bringing forth the salient attributes of a world-class brand like Huawei in its own inimitable way.


What makes the commercial different is that NDigitec has conceptualized and shot it in three different series — with each shedding light on a specific selling point for Mate 10. In particular, the commercial talks about the points that make Mate 10 unique — its speed, the power management characteristic and advanced camera capabilities.


The complete series is however based on the same, seamless theme, with the Huawei Pro Team underlining the phone’s unmatched performance.

The TV commercials have been produced in collaboration with global PR network Hill + Knowlton Strategies and set to become a viral hit on the social media. The standards achieved in the production of the commercials once again emphasizes the know-how and experience of NDigitec in the field and elevates brand perception of Huawei to a completely new level.


Behind the scene: Photo 2


Behind the scene: Photo 3


Behind the scene: Photo 4


Daniel Sheridan, Executive Producer of NDigitec, said: “NDigitec is committed to bring out the best in all its production tasks and this series of commercials for Huawei Mate 10 is no exception. Right from the creative development to pre-production, shooting and post-production, NDigitec has used its expertise in the field to a different level. Hill + Knowlton Strategies’ creative direction and inputs were critical in finalizing this project successfully.”


He added: “The innovative model was also one of the driving forces, which helped NDigitec to come up with amazing start points to ideate and execute. This series stands out across all perspectives and underpins NDigitec’s abilities to cover huge projects of regional significance end-to-end.”


While one of the three series solely emphasizes on the speed — highlighting the phone’s capabilities to stay at the factory speed for 18 months, another series is centred on power management, which throws light on the model’s ability to manage the battery life for two days. The third of the series zooms into its camera capabilities and instant retouch features.


The entire production of the commercials, including the brief VFX shots, were completed in-house by NDigitec, with the filming in the picturesque Wadi Rum in Jordan adding to its aesthetic charm. Julien Vanhoenacker called the shots for the commercial as the director, while the photographic finesse were handled by Bobby Dhillon — the Director of Photography.

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