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NDIGITEC Is Ready For Upcoming Boom Events

July 7th, 2021

The megaprojects, event & exhibition season is about to kick off soon in the region. Are you ready? If not, it's already time to get fully prepared for it! From executing large-scale corporate events production to building up attention-grabbing high-quality exhibition stands, NDigitec’s expertise comes for a rescue.  

NDigitec Moving Lots Of Famous Brands

  Its Fabrication, Digiprint, and Digimedia competencies & divisions are specialized in organizing such events production as business events, corporate events, exhibitions, roadshows, entertainment events, festive events, meetings, seminars, conferences, social and cultural events, where they are more flexible and agile and prefer to move forward by walking with innovations and a new era of possibilities. It goes without saying that all kinds of stands are the most integral part of your brand presence. Throughout the years, the Fabrication team has been perfecting the craft, helping local and international companies. They worked with such brands as Tesla, Amazon, DESC, MedEl, HSBC, Master Card, 1 Year To Go EXpo, Picnic event, etc. And, they worked with many more others to design, produce, set up perfect exhibition booths, and execute event production.     Executive manager of Digiprint & Fabrication, Raffi Kavlakian, showcasing some case study examples, added, - “The team uses modern eco-friendly d-board materials as the most versatile solution to all advertising and promotional needs, in order to improve your brand image, as well.”  

NDigitec Exceeding Your Event Expectations

  Today event management is a part of our everyday life as we see big events taking place everywhere. It’s all around us. As soon as you have portrayed who you are, have defined your business goals, make sure to handle the part of the necessary materials. Then, of course, it’s time for being fully show-ready. In terms of organizational and all other kinds of importance to-dos, a detail-oriented approach is key here.   When it comes to executing the management of large-scale big-together, we highly appreciate every need of our customers. We do our best to satisfy them and provide high-quality results.  

The Imagination Becomes Reality Here

  Besides handling the event-management part, the Digimedia team also gives a special digital touch to any exhibition project that it works on. This also is confirmed by its executive producer, Leszek Krawczyk, mentioning that NDigitec embraces innovative solutions such as AR/VR, all kinds of digital content & interactive media creation, and machine learning.     Importantly, NDigitec recently started a strategic collaboration with SARAB Entertainment, a subsidiary of Nesma Holding. By the way, the company provides never-ending potential towards the advancement of the technologies, production & entertainment industry. Here is what the CEO of Sarab Entertainment added,- “We are building a brand that will stand out as the leading events and entertainment company in the region. Such ambitious goals can only be achieved through partnerships that can withstand the hurdles the market might throw at us. Our partnership with NDigitec will definitely withstand such hurdles allowing both our companies to deliver groundbreaking events throughout the region. The synergy between both Sarab Entertainment and NDigitec will allow us to execute exceptional events. They will represent the quality and experience of both companies.”  

Your Boom Event Handled From A to Z

  “NDigitec being a creative innovative production company, offers a value chain of high-level solutions & services, for graphic art, printing & media industries & for brand owner demands, competently,”- added Vatche Kavlakian, NDigitec CEO. - “With the most detail-oriented professional working approach, we strive to meet the most challenging exhibition requirements of our customers from A to Z. Let’s take your upcoming boom event project to unprecedented levels! ” - he concluded.