NDIGITEC fabricates a stand for AEEDC 2018

30 May 2018

UAE International Dental Conference and Arab Dental Exhibition take place every year. It is a platform where numerous important items are showcased. Displayed items mainly fall under Healthcare, Dentistry, Dental Health, Endodontics, Odontology, and Implantology. This annual event collects more than 40.000 guests from around the world, involves more than 150 international and regional speakers delivering lectures and hands-on workshop on various aspects of dentistry.


NDigitec fabricates stand for AEEDC 2018


The exhibition displays the latest technologies and products of more than 4700 exhibiting companies. AEEDC Dubai is considered to be the largest dental event in the world. Next AEEDC Dubai event which steps into its 22nd edition will be presenting the theme “Education and Innovation Transfer.”


NDigitec fabricates stand for AEEDC 2018


Every successful company realizes the importance of their participation in internationally acknowledged and efficacious exhibitions and events such as AEEDC. This is the one opportunity to showcase all the hard work, creativity and investment the company has made during their previous year. The image your company creates during such showcases will be stuck in the minds of participating big-named businessmen and investors. Briefly said, what these companies display during AEEDC exhibition will open doors of opportunities and cooperation with other companies and investors.


NDigitec fabricates stand for AEEDC 2018


Now, having in mind the importance and effectiveness of AEEDC receiving orders from companies to fabricate their booths speaks highly about NDigitec.


Here is why:


  • For AEEDC 2018 NDigitec Fabrication Competency was entrusted with the creation of their exhibition booths for one of the largest field events. For our team, this opportunity was quite a responsible one, and regardless of all the tension NDigitec team was under, the result, of course, turned out with high quality stands for each of our clients.
  • Our creative designers completed their work in cooperation with CG artists and fabrication specialists, managing to not only be professional but more importantly very creative. Successful and important companies such as K-Line Europe GmbH in Germany, BIOTEM Dental Implant in South Korea and Ultradent Products Inc. in the United States assigned NDigitec with their image presented in the world’s largest dental event.


NDigitec fabricates stand for AEEDC 2018


The process of creating showcase stands for such an event is large and requires creative and hard work. NDigitec naturally had to conduct in-depth research about their clients first. Learn well about their image, their complete work done, their previous and upcoming projects, their scale of reputation in their field of profession.


NDigitec fabricates stand for AEEDC 2018


After the research was done, next for NDigitec was to create an image which will be appropriate to their client’s requirements. NDigitec creative team got together, brainstormed their ideas and came up with their stand suggestion for the client.


The process might sound easy and very clear. But the reality is quite different from these few lines of description. The final draft of the suggestion made for the exhibition stand is being sent to the client for their approval before its realization. The idea might fly back and forth several times. It is the client’s right to request for changes until they are fully satisfied and sure about it. The NDigitec team also realizes the importance of such an event and takes its work quite seriously.



The NDigitec team has high leva el sense of responsibility and is fully conscious of their clients’ rights. Our clients’ satisfaction is highly important for us and this is how NDigitec has gained the trust of our clients. To represent them in an exhibition and event regardless of its high importance. Because NDigitec team does not mess things up! Always takes their clients’ suggestions into account and always proceeds with their work only after the client’s full approval.


Your trust in us is never wasted! Your image shown to the world will be just as you expect it to be! Present yourself with NDigitec creative team’s support and you are the winner!

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