NDIGITEC at Gulf Print & Pack 2022: Networking for a Better Tomorrow

2 June 2022

NDigitec family is always looking to be part of initiatives that aim to promote worldwide sustainability. And we’re always thrilled to build a network worth fighting for! And, one of these perfect networking opportunities that recently had was the participation in the leading exhibition for commercial and package printing in the MENA region – Gulf Print & Pack 2022. It took place from 24 to 26 MAY, 2022.


The event was an excellent occasion for exploring the latest technology from the world’s leading graphic arts equipment and software suppliers. GPP was just perfect for discovering new and profitable niche opportunities. Be it in wide format, narrow web labels, digital embellishment, and workflow automation, all gathered under one roof.


Visitors from across the Middle East and Africa have been filling the aisles of NDIGITEC’s remarkable stand. It’s essential to mention that the team hosted His Highness Sheikh Hasher bin Maktoum al-Maktoum during the opening ceremony.



Firstly, being one of the pioneers in the digitalization of the printing industry in the Middle East for 25 years, at GPP NDigitec represented its online printing platform – Dubaiprint.com, an integrated online one-stop shop for all printing needs. The team introduced its rich customizable product range and demonstrated the platform’s capabilities, the mobile app, and custom-made printing solutions.


The visitors got highly attracted by the worldwide quality of NDigitec in the worlds of Prepress & Premedia.



At the show, NDigitec team showcased its second online competency as well, launched over a year now –  Flexoeasy.com. The platform left almost no visitor indifferent to its unique stand. The Executive Manager of Prepress, Shahe Kavlakian, thoroughly explained the features of the platform. He presented its opportunities and user-friendly solutions that take flexographic plates to unprecedented levels.


Flexoeasy.com is a digital platform makes flexographic plate-making easy and allows customers to access high-quality Prepress and Premedia services from anywhere in the world. NDigitec revealed how the platform will develop further and how the team plans its stages B, C, and D.


Contributing to Sustainability


It’s significant to mention that NDigitec, with its competencies, was the printing partner and the sponsor for the GPP 2022 innovation feature area. In order to globally contribute to sustainability and to meet all exhibition and display requirements, the company goes green! We use high-quality sustainable materials such as D-Board, forex, aluminum, and corrugated board.


In particular, the technological usage of D-Board has become an essential factor in NDigitec’s know-how.NDigitec’s Fabrication Team designed the exhibition stand of NDigitec which truly spoke for itself; it visually represented NDIGITEC’s services and solutions. It was the result of the company’s Creative Director, Ardo Hampartsoumian’s professional touch.


As talked during the event days, with eco-friendly materials used in designing, building, and fabricating, NDigitec plans on investing in the future. Thus, the company contributes to a much more sustainable and more digitalized era of packaging and printing.


NDigitec at Gulf Print & Pack 2022


Aside from promoting its digital unique solutions and technologies, NDigitec had another vital goal for GPP 2022: making connections! As comments Vatche Kavlakian, the CEO of NDigitec on the participation at the show, “It’s more about networking than showcasing products at GPP. It would be nice to meet everyone physically and mingle with those who we’ve known for the last couple of decades. It’s about public relations and meeting your family.”


As a result, NDigitec did meet its family! Furthermore, the team managed to make lots of new business connections. We had insightful discussions with representatives of Packaging MEA, and overall had fruitful brainstorming experiences.


To sum up, NDigitec’s participation in Gulf Print & Pack 2022 was absolutely an amazing experience to go through again, and an exciting opportunity to build a network. It was an occasion worth mentioning in the pages of NDigitec’s stories, for sure!

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