Is the Image in Your Head? Let Us Make The Unreal Real

4 June 2018

It is that part of your job when your team is working on a project for one of your highly important clients. After brainstorming, discussing ideas and all the options for the project, your team gets together a draft of the plan they have in mind. The next phase is to finalize and bring all their ideas on paper, making their work visible and comprehensive for the client as well. The method through which you display your final product for realization is essential and important. In case your presentation is not well enough, the risk that your client will not like it or even understand your idea is very high. This might even lead to losing a client just because of poor presentation. It is a very common situation, especially in the world of construction industry but we certainly do not want that to happen.


Is the Image in Your Head? Let Us Make The Unreal Real


What is CGI?


CGI – short for computer-generated imagery – is created to turn the unreal real, to bring places and people to life, which would not happen otherwise. The trick for a successful CGI is integrating images with real locations and people or making a fantasy world feel real.


The first thing coming to some people’s mind hearing CGI is cartoons – the carefully constructed and generated piece entirely on a computer. For example, Ice Age, Jurassic World, Tangled, Zootopia and almost every cartoon or illustrated movie made starting from the 2000s.


Is the Image in Your Head? Let Us Make The Unreal Real


Cartoons and movies might be best known as products of CGI, however, it is not the only field benefiting from this fascinating designing tool. It’s been more than 10 years that most companies, architectural studios, and commercial offices use CGI in their presentations prepared for their clients.


Why CGI for Construction Industry Presentations?


The construction industry, buildings, infrastructure and industrial constructions are its main three sectors. And in case of building construction, it is usually further divided into residential and non-residential.


Is the Image in Your Head? Let Us Make The Unreal Real


Let us picture this example to get the idea of CGI in the world of the construction industry.


One of your big clients visits your Architectural studio. They present their idea and the kind of investment they want to make relevantly. Your architectural team generates the idea, raises some more questions – the type of the construction, format of the design, what it aims to serve for, etc. – and get on working on the idea. This group of professionals put an effort into coming up with their best final idea for the client – meetings after meetings, brainstorming after another group discussion.


After a long and productive work, your team has the final master plan to present to the client, to get their approval, after which it is builders and constructors turn to get on working.


Now, you do realize that the period between idea discussion and approval of the client, lies the most vital part of the process. The presentation of your final master plan on which the entire team has been working hard!


Is the Image in Your Head? Let Us Make The Unreal Real


CGI has been accepted and approved by so many successful, well-known companies to be a very effective, easy-to-use designing tool, especially for presentations.


This is the part where you should make a valuable investment, hire professionals, hand in the precious final plan your team has worked so hard on, and expect to get a high-quality product.


NDigitec CGI is the Winner


Our team of professionals at NDigitec will take your product visualization to the next level with our range of full CGI solutions. We can also integrate photography with CGI, which is our specialty to deliver results which are impossible to distinguish.


Is the Image in Your Head? Let Us Make The Unreal Real


Delivering the best CGI visuals is guaranteed by our team. Visit our page to see our previous work and appreciate the professionalism. There are CGI samples for products such as jewelry, architectural visuals, and a number of product visuals.  For your CGI presentation to really shine, our team of designers will help you with their professionalism, dedication and high-quality final product. You think about it, present the concept and we will visualize it for you!


Let your imagination run wild!

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