In-house vs. Outsource: Mobile App Development

30 November 2018

Should I outsource my mobile app development or not? There is no right answer to this question. There are certainly cons and pros to both of the approaches and that is exactly what makes the question difficult.

No matter how much we would want to give you universal advice that will work in all scenarios, we cannot. We can, however, explain what the experience is most likely going to be like, and help you choose one or the other.

So, keep on reading if you want to know about each approach and choose the one that suits you the most.



In-house Mobile App Development

Let’s take a look at why you should consider having developers right by your side first. The in-house mobile app development team will:


– know your product better

The in-house development team is going to know your product better than an agency or an outsourced generalist. Of course, sometimes it is great to have someone looking at your company with an unbiased perspective. Most of the time, it is going to feel like a waste of time. Having the team of app developer means you can make changes to your application whenever you need to. No additional paperwork is required.


– help you continuously update the app.

If your application requires lots of updates, and your company depends on the application then investing in a team of in-house developers makes a lot of sense. There is no limitation to the number of revisions that can be done. The team of in-house developers can make updates to your product right away.


– be easier to manage.

The in-house team is going to be right by your side. The team is going to become an integral part of the company and its culture. Thus, it is going to be much easier to manage the look and functionality of the application. You can discuss your project during a coffee break and be done with it. There is no need to schedule meetings and calls days in advance.


– have higher set-up costs.

To have a team of in-house app developers in place, you need to spend time hiring those developers. It might not sound like a big deal, but it is a time consuming and difficult process. Finding the right people is not easy, but a great deal depends on them. They are the people who will either make or break your app. That aside, you should also invest in hardware, and software technologies, as well as an appropriate infrastructure, and the training of your employees.


– need HR management.

It is neither good nor bad, but an in-house app development team needs HR management. You need to invest time and resources in either hiring a manager or just spend more time on project management yourself if you do not mind the responsibility. The in-house development teams need to have training, celebrations, and conflict resolution. The responsibility to care about the productivity of each member of the team falls onto you and you cannot take it lightly.


– possibly not have as much experience.

You need to be ready that in-house development team is probably not going to be as experienced and professional as the team from an agency. Your developers will need to learn how to solve many problems on their own. It is going to affect their creativity as well; since they often do not have as much experience, their product might end up not being as professional looking as that of other agencies. The countless amount of modifications may also lead to delays.



Outsourcing Mobile App Development

Now let’s look at what you need to prepare yourself to if you outsource your mobile app development to an agency or generalist developers. The outsourced developers will:


– develop the product in time.

Since the outsourcing agency works with time and budget constraints, they are usually better with deadlines. The limited number of revisions also allows ensuring that they complete the project on time.


– have better expertise and more creative ideas.

Even though the outsource app development team is not going to know your product very well, they will see your mistakes better. They also have better experts and just a variety of professionals since they have worked on many more projects in the past that required a wide variety of skills. They can add something creative to your project, and since they often have better access to new technologies, they can tackle the problems better and propose better solutions for the same budget.


– be more professional.

To continue getting new projects in the future, agencies and freelance companies need to be very professional. They need to invest time in the training of their workers, development of new skills, and excellent management. They will be ready to help you with any problem you are having and complete the project without delays. What is also great is that if you find a good agency, you will most likely not participate in all of those processes as much, which means less headache for you.


– have more variety regarding prices.

The other thing about outsourcing mobile app development is that considering all the variety that there is in the market, the costs are going to drastically vary as well. It is cheaper to hire a mobile app development team overseas, so if you want lower costs, you can hire an agency that is going to do the same work for much less money. You can also choose a more experienced team that has worked on many projects you like. There are fewer strings attached which means more freedom.


– give you less control over the project.

Sure, the project is yours, but if you decide to outsource your mobile application, you will have much less control over the final product. You will need to trust them in their development, and you will not be able to constantly follow their progress and give them any instructions. Moreover, some of the material might be confidential. So if you decide to outsource your mobile app development you need to come to terms with the fact that someone else is going to do it.



So we have tried to prepare you to what you need to be ready whether you decide to keep the developers in-house or outsource them to another company. The choice depends on your specific needs. However, if you decide that you want to outsource the development, then feel free to contact our team at NDigitec. We have an exceptionally professional team that will develop an application using the best technologies in the market. We invest a lot of time and effort to make sure that we have the best team of developers in the market. Contact us to learn more.


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