How to Choose and Buy Display Stands and Exhibition Displays Online

11 June 2018

We know how carefully you plan your exhibitions and trade shows. NDigitec assists you with both production and printing of all the portable exhibition kits and display stands in Dubai (and deliver it worldwide). But before you order these services, we want you to pay attention to the points below. They will make it easier for you to decide what kind of exhibition and display stands you want for the next trade show..




How to Choose and Buy Display Stands and Exhibition Displays Online


While a big traffic of visitors at a trade show is a huge advantage, it has a significant downside: overcrowded halls. At popular events, there is one thing that every participant lacks: space. When organizing your space, make sure that people can reach you easily. Also, when they make it to your exhibition booth, leave them enough space to come and get a closer look at every item.


Count free space as one of your display items. You can never have too much of this one. And the number of your visitors depends on it directly. And finally, let your customers breathe more freely. Otherwise, they will get tired and sleepy, whereas you need them to stay enthusiastic about your brand.




Exhibitions and trade shows are an exceptional chance to meet your customers face to face. Grab the opportunity to build a direct and honest communication with them. Find and practice multiple ways to engage the prospects with your brand.


You can run contests, take polls, organize games, and think of any interaction that could fit your target audience. Whatever you plan, you are going to need displays to make those plans real. You might need a ballot box for your poll, a table stand for informative leaflets, and many other customized items. We are here to help you with exhibition and display stands fabrication.


All that’s left for you to do is come up with a creative plan and increase the customer loyalty through direct interaction.




How to Choose and Buy Display Stands and Exhibition Displays Online


It’s really difficult to decide what to begin with here. Tech solutions seem endless. At least, let’s see some of them.


  • HD Screens. A significant part of your exhibition booth. People prefer to see your information on a digital display in high definition whenever possible. You can show your commercials, promotional videos, presentation and every other visual material in a great quality.


  • Games. Offer your visitors to play mobile games with your product placement. If you want something special, you can order branded mobile game development. It can be a simple bubble or card game, but with your branded characters and personalized design.


  • AR/VR. Invite your visitors to dive into your brand’s world. This can be combined with the games mentioned above, or you can use a VR shop and “build” an entire market in your exhibition booth. Both AR and VR are tools to create entire worlds. Determine your goals and order the new reality in which your product and service are dominating.




How to Choose and Buy Display Stands and Exhibition Displays Online


Your exhibition and display stands can be spotless. But people will only notice them if they are in the right light. Literally. Pay attention where the light comes from and what parts of your stands it highlights. Are you in control of your booth’s lighting? If you have the choice, it would be great to adjust the lights to the mood you want to create. When you are presenting something that must make the customers feel fresh, natural-looking bright light is the best option. To create a more mysterious mood, better try dimmer lights, like in bars. This will work perfectly for spirits promotions.




Before starting your exhibition and display stands fabrication, pay attention to the materials. You are going to have several requirements, so let’s make a list. Display materials must be:


  • Lightweight;
  • Easy to assemble;
  • Durable enough for short-term use;
  • Suitable for multiple uses (if needed).


The low weight is with no doubt the first quality that a display must have. Transportation from the printing house to your warehouse and then to the exhibition venue often become a real pain in the neck, both literally and figuratively. Not even speaking about outgoing exhibitions overseas. The expenses for transportation grow dramatically with every gram. So make sure that the lightest options are used.


If you want to get to the exhibition venue 8 hours early with a whole team for construction, you should go for the options with easy assembling. There are so many areas to spend your precious time and resources, and putting together the numerous details of a display shouldn’t be in the top. If you are not a puzzles fan anyway.


Now you need to make sure that the printed color will not wear off or any touch will not leave scratches on the portable display items. Go for a company that you trust. NDigitec offers both fabrication and printing for the displays, so we claim full responsibility for the quality.


And in case you want to use your display items multiple times, let the manufacturer know that. There must be cost-effective options for each case and every kind of goals. 


We make portable exhibition kits and display stands in Dubai. Our services are used across the globe. Contact us to get more information and place your order.


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