How to Get Your Business in Order Before 2020

20 December 2019

To operate businesses properly, just like people, need regular checkups. You need to make sure your business is running properly and that all the goals you have set up a year before, at least some of them have been actualized. And there is no better time to get your business up and running for 2020 than before the New Year.


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To help make sure you have everything under control and greet the new year with the right mindset, we have created a list with all the things you need to go through if you want to make sure 2020 is your year.


Have you achieved your goals?


Before entering the New Year, you should check first your last year’s resolution list and take an honest look at what you’ve achieved.


But while it’s the right time to evaluate your achievements, it doesn’t mean you need to beat yourself up for not succeeding on all fronts. You need to understand why you didn’t accomplish your goals without forgetting about what you have reached. Celebrating your successes is just as important as analyzing your mistakes.


Inspect your list and make conclusions. Use knowledge when creating your new list. It’s all about trial-and-error, isn’t it?


Have you found a partner?


Science says that the best way to stick to your goals is to have someone to hold you accountable. Even better if the person senior to you; that way, you are more likely to accomplish your goals.


Business partners handshaking in an office


So, if you want to make 2020 your year, find someone you admire or just someone who inspires you and tell them about your plans and dreams. Write them down and check in on each other regularly. You will be surprised by how far this little trick can get you.


Have you gone through your company’s operations?


The end of the year is the time to look through your business operations and analyze their efficiency. So, before starting the new year, we recommend going through your finances, human, branding, and technical resources.


If you feel like your staff is underperforming, it means you need to look for ways to encourage them. Maybe you can give them bonuses or help them gain new skills. Remember that your business is only as good as the people who work for you. Their well-being should be your priority.


The same goes for other areas. Having a better grasp of the challenges of companies is facing, and how you can address them will give you confidence when making other decisions.


What can you delegate?


We’ll break it to you — you need not do everything alone. Delegating tasks is healthy. If you feel like you do not have enough time for yourself and your family, or that you could have been more productive with your time, it means you need to take a better look at your tasks.


We get it, you’re an entrepreneur and are used to doing everything on your own. But while being ‘jack of all trades’ might sound fun on paper, it’s exhausting in reality. And you need not be doing everything on your own.


Figures showing delegation of tasks from a manager to other employees


Before entering the new year, make it your goal to reevaluate your task distribution. Be honest with yourself and admit what you can do on your own and what you need help with. Ask what overwhelms you, what you dislike doing, and what takes too much time. The questions will give insight into what you can change.


Even if you feel like you cannot trust anyone with your emails, preparing prints, captions, or organizing meetings, you’re probably wrong. With time they can become great at it, gifting you more time to spend on what truly matters to you. And it is worth taking the risk… After all, trust is a fundamental quality for any business owner.


What about your leadership and management skills?


Many of the business owners get so carried away by everyday tasks they forget about what it really means to be an entrepreneur. Foremost it is about being an admirable leader, and it is a skill worth nurturing.


Leadership isn’t equivalent to power. It is not something you can get once and forget about; you need to be refining it constantly.  Public speaking, good communication, proper motivational and managerial techniques, better project management are all the skills worth investing your time and effort in.


Your leadership style is the foundation of your company, and we bet you want it to be strong.


What new skills do you want to learn?


As a business owner, if you want to stay on top and move forward, you need to be constantly expanding your skill sets. Outside of business goals, you need to be setting personal goals to maintain your progress and achieve even more.


Woman learning new skills online


Before entering the New Year, recount all the things you wanted to learn and how you can do it.


Think about:


  • Classes you can take
  • Books you can read
  • Forums and groups you can join
  • Places and conferences you can travel too
  • Skills you can improve


If you commit even to one thing above, be it reading more books or visiting a new conference, your year will end up being just that much more meaningful.


Have you considered joining a network or community?


Many companies do not use the benefits the communities, unions, and networks can offer. But it is a pity since the purpose of those organizations is making it easier for you to do your business.


If you want to find useful literature, network with all kinds of people, receive advice from similar professionals, or promote your business, look for organizations that can help you with the problem.  They are used to dealing with problems you’re facing and will be happy to help you overcome common challenges in no time.


Some of them might require a fee; some might not. But through their help and active participation, you can learn about the many new events and meet new people that help move your brand forward. It is a great way to use your local resources meaningfully.


What are your priorities for the next?


Now, let’s move to the last question you need to ask yourself before greeting 2020. What are your priorities for the upcoming year?


Paper with a list of priorities for the new year


Do you think you have worked enough and would like to get a small break? Then you need to carve time for yourself and your family. It can be an hour a day or just committing to not working on a weekend.


On the other hand, if you have a business-related ambition, cut down on the time you spend with your friends. Learn about some productivity techniques to maximize your efficiency and let habits work in your favor.


Now, you are ready for the New Year.


If you’ve done all the things we talk about above — congratulations! You have successfully considered all the key points in making your business more successful.


We have covered all the things you need to go through before going into 2020. Some of them are easier to do than others, but all of them are equally important and can help make the upcoming year the best one for your wise.


Of course, our NDigitec team wishes you all the best. Make the upcoming year your year!


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