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Frontiers Shifting to AR Business Cards for Better Networking

January 17th, 2018

Digitalization has changed the means of communication throughout the world. In today’s developing world, people tend to prefer advanced technologies or innovative solutions over the ordinary. Every now and then, a new technology emerges in the market. An example of such emergence could be the AR business cards.   Augmented reality (AR) is an artificial view of the physical world whose elements are supplemented by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data. AR’s roots trace back to the late 50’s and was initially discovered by Morton Heilig, also known as the “father of virtual graphics”.  

Convert Your Traditional Business Cards to AR Cards

  Over the past few years, AR business cards have been one of the latest trends in the realm of technology. The traditional business cards that have been utilized since the 17th century are gradually becoming outdated in this digitalized world. Nevertheless, in order to conform and integrate into the digital world, you will need to consider converting your traditional business cards into AR business cards. With AR business cards, you have the advantage to provide your customers with further information about your business. For instance, in addition to your contact information, your AR card will also get to feature your brand’s products and services all on its own. That being said, through AR cards, your clients can do a quick scan of what your business entirely offers.  

The Way AR Business card Works

  The first step you need to do before creating an image code is to conceptualize the content or information you would want to incorporate. Next, you will need to develop a corporate application that contains information you want to showcase your clients and partners. The last step is to integrate the code image on your new AR card. If you already have an existing card, you can simply stick your code image on it. An example of such applications is NDigitec AR Business Card (available for both Android and IOS.) If you’re interested, you can request for an application through NDigitec AR Business Card app. All you need to do is press “order your app” and you’ll be set up.   NDigitec AR Business Card  

The Benefits of AR Business card in Terms of Marketing

  Creative innovative solutions always have an influence on digital marketing. AR business cards are considered as a great tool for both direct and digital marketing. Your business card is the first impression of your brand; therefore you will need to apply your most creative efforts into it. AR cards are considered as a creative modern communication strategy that aims to boost your brand’s awareness. Your AR card will result in making a great impression on your potential clients and will enhance customer experience. It will also help people remember your brand easily as well as stand out from your competitors.   Did you know brands such as BMW, IKEA, and McDonald’s have been using AR technologies to boost their sales conversion and brand awareness? If these successful companies are benefiting from AR services, then you will definitely profit from the implementation of AR technologies. Since people nowadays depend on technologies to do all the needed work, therefore the time has come for you to depend on your AR business card to communicate on behalf of you.