Shahe Kavlakian - NDigitec Prepress Executive Manager.

Flexographic printing always close to heart

1 February 2018

Prepress is one of the main cores in Flexo printing, combined with advance plate technology with enhanced imaging (CtP) & exposure will improve reproduction and printing quality, achieving a greater dynamic range of colors and more detail, sharper images, high-quality competitive printing result.


The most important trend at this time in the evolution of flexo is the continuing development of the Prepress, or pre-production stage. Quality is improving, while the time and cost of approving artwork and producing plates are reducing.


It is essential to have a deep understanding of the available technology of Prepress to ensure flawless transfer of quality from the image to the plate. It is must to establish specifications and quality monitoring, as well as improve the performance and productivity of the process. Thanks to the developments in flexo plate making that have improved quality hugely. In addition, developments in screening in order to improve highlight and shadow details along with excellent solid density, allowing valid comparisons with offset and gravure.


Modern flexo Presses are capable of fast changeovers with waste management in per color printed. Here it comes the opportunity to use fix color printing, for extended gamma. This new trend intends to help flexo to compete with digital technology, particularly for short runs where digital is taking share.


Flexographic printing is continuing to improve as a result of various developments:

· Advancements in plate technology and exposure types

· Customize screening, stable surface screens structures.

· Anilox rollers, inks and curing systems.

· Improved machine design with excellent registration and smart pressure control.

· Improved methods to mount plates.


”I believe that over the time there will be continuing process and materials improvements, as the industry continue to innovate and has aimed to win a share of a market that has huge growth prospects.


As an NDigitec Prepress, we are extremely punctual in our service and take pride in our efficiency to deliver Prepress solutions on the go”, says Shahe Kavlakian, NDigitec Prepress Executive manager.


High-quality print, increased efficiency, higher productivity and improved sustainability are the desired results to boost the competitive position of flexography.

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