How to Design an Impressive Trade Show Display?

25 October 2019

Creativity does not know limits. And have especially felt it when visiting an expo or a corporate event. The amount of creative thought that is usually put in every trade show display stand can be mind-blowing.


Good trade shows often feel like museums and even attraction shows. Everything is possible — from a booth made from candies to an interactive gaming experience. Companies in trying to outperform have made those places a favorite place for all the geeks and people. Going to a fun trade show become a fun and useful thing to do. 


But while as a visitor, it all seems like fun and happiness, the companies that work on trade shows often have different experiences treating the experience as a job more than they do it as something. Setting up a trade show booth and coming up with ideas that will resonate with people, stay in their minds, and make them come back, is not an easy business. 


Despite all the anxiety, however, it can be done. And you don’t even need to spend all your marketing budget on it! While going the extra mile is always appreciated, what you cannot do with the money you can achieve with creativity and a little preparation. 


1. Make it interactive


At this point, this is the least surprising point. To make your stand work, think about making it interactive. As we have talked about before, people often come to those trade shows for the experience. 


AI for walnuts detection


The value of experience becomes even more clear when you think about the meaning behind the trade shows. Essentially, any trade show is like a modern time market place. All the companies that cannot showcase their products and services in real-life otherwise should use the occasion to let their customers experience the products in real life or at least better understand what the company does if it offers something that cannot be simply touched.


  • Use a special reward, sale, or a bonus to encourage visitors to download the application. 
  • Host a photo booth: design a pool, order a cool character stands, or put on an aquarium — in another way, think about how you can make your customers want to take a picture nearby your stand. 
  • Games and other interactive screens: give your customers something to do while they are traveling between stands.


2. Use metaphors


With companies go more and more digital, it becomes difficult to create a trade show booth that reflects your company and says something about your brand. How can you do that?


Trade show display with a car


One of the best ways to solve the problem is by creating a trade show display that represents your company metaphorically. Think of all the words and associations your customers might have with your product and use it as inspiration. 


Trendy? Order an Instagram frame to take photographs in. Do you have a sustainable product? Bring real trees and flowers in. Does your application offer comfort and coziness of a house? Then bring a real bad for people to sit at during the expo. It is a creative process, so treat it like one — go crazy thinking up different things and pick the idea that seems to have the most potential.  


3. Guide your employees 


It is not enough to have people at nearby your trade show display. The people that will be there will represent your company. They need to know about your company as much as no one else does and understand what is expected of them. If your employee will be rude or say something wrong, it might end up affecting your brand overall. 


People talking at an expo


  • Instruct: make it easier for your team to understand what is expected of them. If they need to collect emails, tell them about it, and find creative ways to do so. Knowing the goal will make it easier for them to talk with anyone. 


  • Choose someone who enjoys social interactions. While this one is not a must, the person who has good social skills and likes talking to people will have more fun presenting your trade show display and thus give off a much friendlier vibe. And nothing can beat natural enthusiasm. 


  • Train them. They need to know everything there is to learn about your company and what might be necessary. Or at least they need to know who to refer those people too, in case they don’t have the information. Trade shows quick demand actions — your employees will not have time to look something up or call you. So it is better to come prepared. You can also work through different scenarios with them to make sure they feel comfortable with different situations and know how to behave when something unexpected comes up. 


  • Give them a corporate T-shirt and make it look cool. That way, they will advertise your brand even if they are just walking between stands themselves. It also often looks pretties. 


4. Offer comfort 


The shows are long and exhausting. Many people often spend several hours at expos and trade shows. That is why having a booth that feels comfortable might feel rewarding. The visitors will have time to explore and memorize your booth while they are at the show. 


Large interactive trade show display


What makes it even better is that they will connect your brand with comfort and think about it in a positive light. And is not that what you have been looking for? 


  • A charging station: this one is self-explanatory. 


  • Free water, and maybe a coloring book, they will stay at your booth even longer. 


  • Comfortable corner for searing


5. Give them something 


In our humble opinion, giveaways are a must — no matter how small. Brand everything that leaves your leave your booth so it can keep on its journey spreading your message and remind them of you.


Child looking at a trade show display


It doesn’t mean, however, that you need to giveaway something neither you nor your customer would need. Consider some of the following: 


  • Stationary: pens, notebooks, sticky notes, pencils, calendars, etc. You know what we mean. 
  • Stickers and custom posters: create something with unique art, and you will forever stay in people’s memory. 
  • Coffee and tea stuff: mugs, coasters, and personalized cups are all on the list. 
  • Bugs: tote bags are becoming more and more popular and for the right reason.
  • Toys and games: also a memorable souvenir that will be with them where they go. 


6. Advertise the event 


Do not let the event slide away. Make the most out of it by using the opportunity to market your event on social media. Not only your followers will know where to find you, but you will make it easier for clients to find you. 


Tech trade show booths


Some simple ideas: 


  • Create a hashtag: that way, you can reflect on the event later on and increase engagement through all the people that have used it in their work. 
  • Create a poll: maybe as your customers, if there is anything they would have been happy to see at the booth? Or you can let them pick the giveaway. That way, they will feel more engaged, feeling like they have a say. 
  • Document the process: this one might be obvious, but since people connect with stories the most, five them stories. 


What your trade show display is about 


We have already covered the subject before, but we at NDigitec have quite a lot of experience in setting up a trade show display. So through the years, we have picked up more than a couple of tips we were happy to share with you. 


Trade shows are both a new phenomenon and the one that has been studied for ages. So you do not need to invent a bicycle to make it work for you. Just wisely use the experience that has been passed down to you.

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