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AR Business Cards as a Business Development Tool for Better Networking

17 January 2018

Have you had the chance to use AR Business Cards yet? For Christ’s sake, what are you waiting for? Keeping up with the latest technological advancements is too important for your business’s success in today’s ever competitive digital business world. So, get moving! Quick! But, wait a second! We have got to tell you (because we care!) how AR business cards can serve your business as a development tool for better networking. It is essential to be, you know, better informed and to make the right choices consciously! So, let’s get that over with!


NDigitec AR business card


Bolstering Branding and Developing Loyalty


It won’t be news to you that AR business cards look really cool, will it? Well, well!


As they look awesome, they also can make your business be perceived on a high level of awesomeness. In other words, the innovative approach of your business card can stand as a wow factor in your prospects’ eyes. As a result, your prospects will remember you and differentiate you from the crowd with positive notes. Doesn’t it look like powerful promotion to you?


Indeed, augmented reality business cards can serve as a development tool for your business, in terms of bolstering your business’s branding and setting it apart from the competition. With the use of an augmented reality app, your prospects will scan your AR business card holding it up to the webcam, and your brand name will be placed smack bang in their long term memory. Should they want or need future networking with you, making contact will be a matter of seconds with no forgetting of your business’ name.


Here, first great impressions do the whole trick! In the end, first impressions are the cornerstone of branding, right? As a matter of fact, first positive impressions are critical for developing brand loyalty48% of customers are more likely to become loyal to a brand during their first experiences with it.


The pressure is on you now! To have or not to have an AR business card for making that first important impression like a pro?


Serving as an Engagement Channel


One thing for sure, augmented reality business cards can serve as an engagement channel between your business and your prospects. Sounds very confident! Really fancy too! What does it actually mean, though?


Well, it means that your AR card can act as a portal to valuable and unique information about your business, essential for better networking. That information can start from and not be limited to including your contact and business location details, product portfolio, business pitches, links to your website and social media accounts etc. And, all of that can be presented by interactive visuals, videos, and even by a 3D body scan of yours, maximizing the opportunity to engage with your prospects on a whole new and innovatively personal way. How cool! Can you think of a better way to enhance the effectiveness of your business communications using business cards? We bet you can’t! Still confident!


System of maintaining customer loyality


Acquiring Client Data


Being cloud-based, augmented reality apps (required for viewing the content on AR business cards) will give you the great privilege to access client datafrom any device. This feature of AR business cards is considered to be a very essential development tool for your business. Why is that so? It is so, because data makes you powerful than ever by giving you valuable information about your clients for sketching that perfect marketing strategy. Really!


Again, why is that so? Because the gained broader and deeper insightsabout your clients help you direct your marketing efforts to each one of them individually, in the most effective ways. In fact, 59% of consumers convert thanks to a business’s personalized marketing efforts. So, why would you miss the opportunity to collect data on your customers with the purpose of better future networking for the sake of their higher satisfaction? No absolute reason whatsoever!


Here we are! 3 essential ways of how AR business cards can serve your business as a development tool for better networking! Lessons learned? Great! Now, go ahead and embrace AR technology for the use of your business cards. You won’t regret it! Even for a second!

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