9 Brilliantly Creative Packaging Solutions

13 October 2018

In today’s business environment everyone is competing for the people’s attention and money. You could have a great product but if no one looks at it twice then all the effort that went into making the product will go to waste. Because of that, brands need to pay just as much attention to their packaging, as they do to the quality of their products.

As a business owner, you might not like to admit it, but people are easily swayed by a product’s packaging. Sometimes, customers make purchases solely based on their looks. Brands that understand that they need to be creative with their packaging to attract more attention, win in the long run. Here are some brilliantly creative packaging solutions that caught our eyes.

Tea Shirts (Designed by Soon Mo Kang)




These teabags are certainly one of the more creative ones we have seen. They are made to look like t-shirts on hangers. Not only that but the box is also the wardrobe. And you can hang them on your cup by its ‘hanger’ too so the practicality is not lost.

Juice Skin (Designed by Naoto Fukasawa)


These ones were particularly interesting. These are juice boxes that are made to look like the actual fruit that the juice was made of. But they do not just look like the fruit, they also feel like it. The packaging material was specifically made to feel like the texture of the fruit. These might seem somewhat unsettling for some people at first but everyone can agree that they are most definitely eye-catching.


Squeeze and Fresh (Designed by Backbone Branding)


This fun juice cup concept incorporates the actual product in its packaging. First, you think the cups have a simple picture of the fruit it was made of on the cup. But as you drink it you realize that the picture is largely transparent and most of it is, in fact, the juice itself. So the more you drink it, the more the fruit loses its color.


Bee Bright (Designed by Maude Paquette-Boula)


This is a unique packaging concept for honey. It is made of bee wax and the lid is made of wood. Once there is no more honey left you can turn it upside down and discover the candle wick at the bottom. Now you can use the packaging as a candle with the wood being the base and none of it will become waste.

Cheese Pencils (Designed by Korefe)



This is parmesan cheese designed as oversized pencils. They come with a grater that is shaped like a pencil sharpener which is what makes this idea so practical in the first place. No need to use a huge grater which quickly tires your hand. This packaging allows for a much easier grating experience.


Pop-Up Popcorn (Designed by Anni Nykänen)


No need to wash the dishes after eating popcorn anymore because, frankly, there are no dishes to wash. You just put the packaging in the microwave and it will transform into a bowl when the popcorn is ready. And you can eat it right out of the ‘bowl’ immediately.

NYC Spaghetti (Designed by Alex Creamer)



This creative spaghetti packaging sits on a 3D model of the Chrysler building which is in New York City hence the name. The spaghetti is essentially an edible (though it might be a good idea to cook it first) replica of the building. It is simultaneously a minimalistic and very interesting packaging concept.

Pchak (Designed by Backbone Branding)


The packaging is for dried fruit and nuts. It is an especially cute design – it portrays the packaging as a hollow in a tree that a squirrel hid her food in.


Bloom Chips (Designed by Dohyuk Kwon)


Trying to get chips out of a Pringles can is always a struggle unless you have small hands. Dohyunk Kwon created the packaging that solves that problem. This packaging concept opens up — blooms — and turns into a bowl much like the Pop-Up Popcorn mentioned above.

So there you have it, some of the packaging solutions that we have encountered and fell in love with. Some of them are aesthetic-centered and some fix practicality problems. But all of them undoubtedly were very creative and unique. We are sure they will stay in your mind, and that is creative packaging design at its best.

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