5 Cool Things That Happen in Dubai on New Year’s Eve

17 December 2018

Dubai is unarguably one of the best places in the world to be on the New Year’s Eve. The holiday season in the city has a different taste and is full of spectacles and attractions that will not find anywhere else. Most of us are used to thinking about New Year as of a cold an snowy season. If you are not a fan of those and want to try welcoming the year under the sun, then celebrating New Year in Dubai is what you are looking for.


The New Year season in Dubai is great, not only because it is warm and sunny, but also because Dubai knows how to create a unique New Year atmosphere. But what are some of the best things you can entertain yourself during this season with? Here is a list of things that happen in the city around the city, that you cannot skip on if you want to have a great time.

Enjoy the Breathtaking Fireworks


We need to start with Fireworks. It is not easy to compete with the scale and magnificence of the Fireworks in Dubai. They are remarkable. It is not only our opinion, however. Years and years again the New Year fireworks in Dubai continuously are setting world records for being one of the most luxurious in the world. That is something to be proud of.

On the New Year’s Eve, the entire city gets filled with bright colors. The fireworks can be enjoyed from almost any point of the city  — that is just how brilliant they are. And every year they only get better and better. It is certainly a spectacle you should enjoy at least once in your lifetime.

Shop for the Special Holidays’ Deals


The other thing that makes New Years at Dubai great is shopping. Visiting the beautifully decorated malls in Dubai can be an experience in and of itself. You will never find anything that is quite as satisfying.

Putting the beautiful decorations aside, all the shops in Dubai offer special discounts and deals to the people that want to surprise their loved ones with cute presents. Some might say that shopping is the same everywhere in the world, but the people that have shopped in Dubai know it is not true. Shopping is an experience in Dubai. And if you want to feel how hectic and satisfying it can be, then you need to visit Dubai during this season.

Have the Best Dinner in Your Life


All the best hotels and restaurants offer special New Year dinner buffets. It is the time when you can enjoy the widest selection of the most special treats in the entire Dubai, including seafood, drinks, and desserts. There is such a diversity offered that you will find something that will fit anyone’s tastes.

But if fancy dinners are not your thing, and you want to spend the New Year in a cozier setting, then there is an option for you as well. You should consider ordering one of the takeaways that many places in Dubai offer before the New Year’s Eve. They are just as luxurious, delicious, and exciting as the dinners in the restaurant dinners.

Attend an Epic Party or Concert


In Dubai, the entire city is celebrating the New Years. There are many concerts and parties all over the city. Some of the best DJ and musicians from all over the world come to the city to perform mindblowing concerts. If you are looking to spend an unforgettable night and dance your feet off, then you can definitely find it there.

If you would like to welcome the New Year in a classier setting — there are plenty of options available as well. The variety of entertainment available in Dubai is simply astonishing.

Try Spending the Night in a Desert


Most of you would know about the best parties that happen in Dubai on the New Year’s Eve, and that the city has some of the most impressing fireworks that you will never forget. But it is not all the city has to offer. The great way to enjoy the upcoming of the new year in Dubai is by visiting a desert.

If you want to make the celebration truly special, you can welcome  2019 in the desert surrounded by the people you love and make new friends. The specially arranged places offer entertainment and barbeque that you can enjoy surrounded by the golden sands.  

Of course, Dubai has much more to offer then what we have managed to present in this list. Not without reason, it is considered to be one of the best places in the world to welcome the New Year. We hope you have found entertainment that suits your wants and needs.

NDigitec wants to congratulate you with the upcoming holidays, and wish you all the best the upcoming year. We will continue filling your year in with creativity, so stay tuned! The best things are yet to come.



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