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3 Top-Notch Mobile Apps Innovatively Developed by NDIGITEC

16 January 2018

Definitely, it takes a lot of skills and knowledge to do the job of mobile app developers. Of course, proficiency in front-end development tools like UI design tools and SDKs; back-end tools; security add-on layers, integrated development environment (IDE) applications like Xcode or Eclipse; programming languages like HTML5, Objective-C, Swift, C++, C# or JavaScript; you name it! It is all a tough game! But, what else? What else other than programming specific rules and tools does it take for mobile app developers to create top-notch and highly demanding applications? Are you thinking what we are thinking?


Example of future mobile device


“The future of mobile is incremental innovation with a transformational impact.” -Reijo Pold


Innovation! That’s right! Lots of fresh and exciting ideas are the cornerstone of the highly successful mobile applications that will be here to constantly transform the mobile industry. In today’s ever advanced and competitive tech world, mobile applications should be developed where creativity and proficiency meet. Well said! But, as the famous software engineer Linus Torvalds once said “Talk is cheap. Show me the code.” So, let us show you 3 examples of innovatively and proficiently developed mobile apps by NDigitec that will just blow your creative mind! Here we go!


Private social application for celebrities.


PEP — The Celebrity App


You most definitely have a celebrity crush, that you crave to know more about and dream to communicate with personally, don’t you? Well, we all do! That’s why now there is a dream-come-true mobile application available in the app market for all of us: PEP.


PEP is a super proficiently and innovatively designed platform, where celebrities and their fans meet to interact on a more personal level. Via PEP, fans get access to personal content shared by their favorite celebrities, feeling as if part of their real lives. Exclusive real-time photos, videos, interviews, invites to events, live-streams and private messaging are all the perks you will get in PEP, for that extra interaction with your favorite super star directly.


You heard us! Private messaging! A real one-to-one chatting with your celebrity crush! It may sound unrealistic to you, but we swear, it is real. Pinch yourself. See? It is not a dream. Now, go ahead, download the PEP app, and enjoy the celebrity warmth that will surround you all days along.


Staying up to date on the world of your favorite celebrities has never been this easy, convenient, exciting and personal! Thank you, PEP!


AR Business card


AR Business Card App


Then comes a brand new product in AR technologies: the AR Business Card. Can you imagine that? A Business Card that transforms into a 3D product model when scanned through an AR Business Card App!


An AR Business Card can be your ultimate choice of a business card, to impress your prospects like no other competitor, providing them with unforgettable AR experiences. Just imagine it: presenting your unique business content in interactive texts, photos, videos, three-dimensional objects, animations or any combination of these 5, straight out of your business card. What a futuristic way to engage with your customers through innovative solutions!


This innovative approach allows companies to create an engagement with their prospects through their own Augmented Reality App available on the Google Play and Apple App store (For now, check out NDigitec’s AR Business Card, to get inspired for having your own one). The prospects can download the App for free, hold up the webcam of their device to the tracker on the printed business card, and sit back for an enjoyable view of the company’s AR presentation. Now, you tell us! Isn’t this a product that will cut through the buzz of all the mobile apps out in the market?



New emojii app - Samoji


SAMOJI by Samer Al Masri — Sticker’s App


Ever felt the need to fully express your emotions in a cool way while chatting online? Of course you did! And, of course, emojis are the solution. But not just regular emojis will do the work. That’s why you will need Samoji: a super cool and fun celebrity style stickers application to make your chats all fun!


Samer Al Masri’s official Samoji application is a top-grade, highly creative and innovative solution, capturing Samer Al Masri’s all types of moods with a bit of that sweet humor. You know who Samer Al Masri is, don’t you? A well-known Arabic actor who played the lead in Bab Al Hara and The Worthy! That’s right! Now, you can let all your emotions out in Samer Al Masri’s way!


“Sometimes, a mustache is what you need to free your inner self!”


Not doubting on that mustache power, you can download Samoji stickers from the App Store and Google Play. And, “let the mustache do the talking!” Just another proficiently developed, innovative and fun mobile application that has all it takes to win the hearts of today’s ever-demanding customers.


Impressed, huh? Already deciding to download these awesome apps in your mobile devices? We feel you! We wouldn’t be able to resist this level of innovation either.


Portable technologies are here.


What’s the lesson here?


The mobile app industry is developing by leaps and bounds, having you faced to an enormous army of competitor applications developed with high proficiency. Thus, exciting and demanding innovation is going to be the one success factor you will definitely need in every mobile application you will develop. No overestimating!


There it was! Now, go ahead and think of fresh new ideas on developing that awesome mobile app that will cut through today’s innovative mobile app arena. Yet, don’t forget about Joel Spolsky’s famous quote: “Good software, like wine, takes time.”

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