3 Reasons Why You Need Product Visualization For Your New Brand

27 July 2018

When developing a new brand, you pay attention to every single detail. Of course, you can’t enter the market with a flawless brand. But you would surely prefer to improve all that’s under your control.


Your product is the first thing to speak on behalf of your brand. No matter how big your input into advertising is, your brand image will revolve around the product.


To have a preview of the product, Premedia offers you the service of product visualization. See the product before it goes live, and avoid the potential waste of resources. Wonder what resources we’re talking about? You will find the answer in this article. But let’s begin with the fundamental question first.


What is product visualization



See, you have the product designed, and you have its image in your mind. But how can you show the product to anyone else? Create a real-life prototype and then have a photoshoot? This is the approach of the past. For many years now, people use product visualization.


So, product visualization is the process of creating the 3-dimensional image of a designed product, mostly before its launch. Product visualization includes several stages, such as 3d modeling, product illustration, and cinematic animation. These stages are very often followed by an analysis and respective improvements.


Using the latest software technologies, product visualization eliminates the additional costs for prototyping with the following photo and video production. Instead, you get a photorealistic image of your product. We can visualize it in an environment where people will most often see the product, such as shelves or refrigerators. Now, let’s see the top 3 reasons to order product visualization


1. Foresee the flaws of the real-life version



Our artists will create computer-generated images of your new product before it even exists in real life. So you’ll get the chance to eliminate the flaws in design and in production planning.


Is there anything in your design that doesn’t match the packaging material? Or anything else that you could not notice until you saw a prototype? Now you can see it all.  And when you’re informed, you can take action. Bring your product as close to perfection as possible. Then implement those enhancements during production.


In case your new brand belongs to the category of fast moving consumer goods, then you will need printed packaging in large quantities. Here, if anything goes wrong, you will lose a lot. A lot of money, time and other resources invested in the production. So product visualization turns out to be quite a cost-effective solution.


2. Start marketing beforehand



Show your potential customers what you want them to buy. Over many decades, many studies have shown that the more we see an image, the more we get used to it. And the more we are used to an object, the more we are likely to notice it on the shelves and make a purchase.


Moreover, when a customer sees the product in its usual environment, it seems more realistic and increases the possibility of leading to a purchase. So don’t hesitate to order creating some surrounding object with your product.


Get people talking about your product. This is what any marketer needs. Show it on the Internet at least, so people start sharing and exchanging the images and animations. Due to modern technologies, product visualization can help you to create tv commercials and ad posters.


In many cases, marketers prefer product visualization over a real-life shooting. An experienced director of photography can make things look great. However, it’s the CGI (computer-generated imagery) artists who make things look perfect. They have everything under control – from the specks of dust to the angle of sunlight. They create new worlds and dimensions. And in these dimensions, your product will look exactly the way it needs to. With a CGI artist working, there’s no more need for finding suitable locations or retouching images and videos. The computer-generated world can revolve around your product and your brand.


3. Show your partners where they invest with product visualization 


You need to see what you’re about to produce, don’t you? Let’s put aside the curiosity (which you and your partners have for sure). Visual engagement makes us more confident in making even the smallest investment.


Now, let’s assume it’s not your brand that you are working for: you just invest in someone else’s. Clearly, you need a demo – just like the customers. You need a demo of the thing you’re paying for. So do your investors. And so do our other partners who invest resources like time.


So, let՛s sum up the benefits that NDigitec Premedia can give you with product visualization.


First of all, you will have a preview of your product. It can replace a real-life demo, and you can make all the necessary enhancements before starting the production.


Second, product visualization will give you various marketing solution both before and after the product is launched.


And third, both you, your partners and your investors will have a clear idea of what you are working at. They will trust you more, and you will all be extra motivated.


Don’t you want to order product visualization right away? Contact us to discuss the details.


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