10 Trade Show Booth Designs that Will Blow Your Mind

5 August 2019

If you have ever been to an expo or similar event, you know how finding a cool exhibition feels like. It feels incredible — no questions asked. There no chance you will ever forget an interactive game or a garden in the middle of the conference room. That is the art of trade show booth designs at its best. 


The exhibition is beneficial not only for the people but also for the business. In a world where companies are doing most of their marketing online, they are like traditional fairs. Only now the focus is not food or clothes, but computers, robots, printers, cars. The help the buyers to meet customers in a condensed, demanded infused environments. 


Not without reason, they prove to be so effective. Both parties join the event with a clear goal in mind.


Trade show booths allow businesses to create a concise ‘summary’ of their brand concisely and present themselves in a favorable light. 


But what it takes to create a cool stand? What do you need to do? 


It is a question NDigitec might have an answer to. We are lucky enough to have had worked with some of the best companies in the world, helping them get noticed. 


How NDigitec creates its trade show booth designs


First, NDigitec starts with communication. On the initial stage, we do our best to talk to understand the client and their expectation. To create anything of value, we need to know what they want their customers to feel.


After that comes the research. The client often provides some criteria. But if something is not clear, NDigitec thoroughly researches the subject, to make sure all requirements are met. 


Next step is ideation. That is when we come up with all the creative concepts. It is probably the craziest and the most fun part of the process. The designs get proposed and rejected until we select the ones we think work best. 


Then, we wait for the client’s approval. If they want something to be changed, we make the changes and start working on print and assembly. It is the actual ‘fabrication‘ stage. You can see that the trade show booth designs creation is creative. And it is the one we have spent years perfecting. 


To help you get an even better idea, here are some of our recent trade show booth designs. I hope they will inspire you!


Tesla’s Stands 


Tesla is the world’s leading creative production company has unarguably, has been the highlight of the year. Our team has helped the world’s leading automotive company to design stands for the World Future Energy Summit and AI Everything.


Tesla trade show booth designs


Both time, NDigitec created an attention-grabbing, sophisticated, and elegant stands. They both had high-tech elements, in line with eco-friendly vehicle company’s vision. 


UAE International Dental Conference & Arab Dental Exhibition 


At the AEEDC, also known as the International Dental Conference & Arab Dental Exhibition, NDigitec has helped two companies to shine in their full light. We have developed a trade show photo booth design for Ultradent and Kclockner, both standing on the forefront of innovation in dental care. The conference took place on February 5 – 7 in 2019. Throughout those days all the visitors were lucky enough to pass by the minimalistic and appropriate to each respective styles exhibitions stands. 

 Kclockner trade show booth design


Both companies had been highlighted and have gained interesting amounts the visitors, becoming the talking point of the conference. The stands have allowed the company to present its services in the favorable light and promote them further, reaching a new potential customer. 


Gulfood 2019 


For the Gulfood, which took place on February 17—21, NDigitec has helped to create a couple of stands. All the projects, different in their nature, have been a pleasure to work with, both professionally and creatively. One of our customers has been the International Nut & Dried Fruit Pavilion — the company standing at the forefront of healthy and nutritious snacking. For the company, NDigitec developed a modern-looking and sleek stand that has turned it into an experience. Talking from personal experience, walking amongst the displays has been a great pleasure. 


The other we have worked with has been the ITP Caterer — one of the largest and most influential catering companies in Dubai. The stand reflects the modern outlook of the company, creative shapes driving attention to and its elegance staying in mind. The stand has been met with a lot of interest. The visitors have especially noticed the quality of the prints and the 3D feel of the stand. 


Lithuania's trade show booth design 

The third company, NDigitec, has worked for the event has been even more special because the company has developed two stands instead of just one. The Lithuanian Government has approached our company and asked us to help them create a stand that would present their country and their traditional food accordingly. It was a country branding project that we took on with happiness.  The event is part of their country branding; we have created big and small stands generating even more interesting to the country. The unique national cuisine has gained more interest and could shine, thanks to the stand. 




Cabsat – the largest annual broadcast digital media and satellite events in the Middle East and Africa did not pass without NDigitec’s help. For the event, we have developed and stand for none other company, but Amazon itself. On March 12 – 14 the Amazon was presenting its services with the stand we have developed for it.

 Amazon's trade show booth design


Amazon is a name that has people’s attention, with no need to be bright and extravagant. NDigitec kept its stand simple but sophisticated, channeling the excellence with every its solution. The lit stands, TV displays, and minimal chairs were enough to make the company’s trade show booth designs center of everyone’s attention. 


DESC (Dubai Electronic Security Center)


We were also proud to have had developed a stand for the Dubai Electronic Security Center. It was one of those creative, innovative, and tech-infused trade show booth designs that we have worked on for a while.


Dubai Electronic Security Center trade show photo booth design


Understanding the full extent of the responsibility that the stand has implied we have developed a creative stand difficult to pass by, with all the technology and the bright colors. It felt futuristic and ahead of its time — the feeling that the company wanted to perpetuate upon. 


Gulf Print & Pack 2019 


The event had a special significance for our company because we could showcase our products and services. We put a lot of effort into designing an appropriate, sleek, and beautiful stands. 


NDigitec's trade show photo booth design


For us, it was a chance to show the visitors what we are capable of. Both of our stands told different stories — the one for the NDigitec has a more serious tone,  reflecting the company’s wide range of expertise and professionalism. We use the walls to show our new platform — NDXC. And what is a better way to show the improvement if not through comparison? That is what we did. The stand ended up being as much promotional and as much and education. 


The other stand was developed for the affiliated company — Dubaiprint.com. The stand showcased a different side of our company. It was playful, creative, and bright, representing the company’s message. All the original prints have allowed showcasing a variety of printing materials and items available on the website. It was a creative stand people did not want to pass by. 


Middle East Film & Comic-Con


NDigitec was happy to have had developed a creative stand for the most creative event in the region. At the geek filled event, we have worked on the development of the Klab Games’ trade show booth designs. One of the leading mobile game design of the world wanted to have a simple stand that would accurately represent the company and help introduce its company to the new audience.


KLab trade show booth designs in Dubai


Our designers worked in collaboration with the company’s development team to create a stand that would look simple, but channel the company’s importance. The result you can see for yourself — it is a cool looking stand that puts the company on a pedestal organically. 


Shine! Shine bright!


As printing and fabrication pioneers, it’s fair to say NDigitec knows a thing or two about trade show booth designs. Sometimes, we work with clients only in production. Sometimes, we are the creative mind behind the designs and patterns.


Despite what you might think, there is no hard rule. So, it is easy to get carried away with a variety of booth designs available. To not let it all overwhelm us we keep in mind that the end goal of any trade show display is to present the company in the best light. 


While it is an exciting opportunity, it is worth to remember that all the people at the conference are looking for the same thing as you do.




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