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Top 6 Reasons Why Responsive Web Design is Important

19 January 2018

As you all may know, responsive web design is accountable for creating flexible and responsive web pages for the sake of optimizing users’ browsing experiences across all devices. We got that right! But, have you ever wondered why you should actually make the effort to develop a responsive website, where all the current webpage development technology would be included? Well, to drop that bomb, nearly 8 in 10 customers would stop engaging with your content if not displayed well on their device. How is that for you?


Now, that we got your interest in responsive web design (didn’t we?), let’s one by one discover the top 6 reasons why having a professionally developed responsive web design is actually important. Here we go!


Reason #1: Mobile Usage is Dominating


Hello? Have you been outside lately? If yes, you most definitely will give us a nod of agreement on the fact that mobile has taken over the world. Let’s talk stats! As of August 2017, there are 3.5 billion mobile internet users in the world. And, as of September 2017, mobile drives 52.99% of all traffic. Not much room for a disagreement, huh?


Modern Mobile user


That’s why nowadays it is so crucial to have a professionally developed responsive webpage that has the optimal layout no matter on what size of a screen. Greater versatility of your webpage is and will continue to be one of the keys to winning the hearts of your mobile-user-customers.


Reason #2: Time is Money


Without question, developing a single responsive website is a lot less time consuming than creating stand-alone websites for every device type. Moreover, creating a single professionally developed responsive website will eat up a lot less money from your pocket than the alternative option. Makes sense, right? In the end, “Time is Money.”


Time is Money: Girl with the clock on the head.


Yet, may happen, developing that responsive website turns out to be more expensive than developing two completely separate websites, don’t get disappointed! And, don’t panic! Seriously! Trust us, and go for that higher-yielding investment. Why so? Because, maintaining two separate websites will require many additional costs for testing, supporting, special configurations, content creation etc. You will feel a headache in the long run. So, be smart, and develop one responsive webpage that will save your most valuable resources: time and money.


Reason #3: User Experience Matters


Content is king, we don’t argue with that! Yet, if you don’t manage to provide your webpage visitors a great user experience, they are most likely to “X” you in a matter of a second. Not even your piece of “cake” content will help here! Harsh, we know! But if you truly want to keep your visitors interested and engaged in your website, a responsive web design is what should become your friend. Whether people are visiting your website from a desktop, tablet, smartphone or smart TV, it should be your job to ensure their positive experiences all along. Of course, if they experience much of zooming, shrinking and pinching on their screens, no repeat-visits you will ever get.


Impressed user

Furthermore, your web pages’ loading time should be less than 3 seconds. That’s how short your visitors’ attention span can be! Face the reality, my dear! Embrace responsive site design, including techniques like caching and responsive image display, to ensure your visitors’ satisfaction with quick loading times. And, guess what? They will stay!


Reason #4: Bounce Rates Decrease


They will stay! They will stay! We can’t stress enough how important it is that they stay. As we learned already, thanks to a responsive web design, the positive user experiences will make your customers stay on your website! Great! Now, think about the bounce rate that will decrease thanks to their staying. It is no secret for you anymore than a responsive and optimized webpage will be your partner in success for engaging your visitors to explore that one more page of yours. No bounces whatsoever! And, guess what (yeah, guess again)? Your SEO will be better off than ever!


User disappointment: Young girl


Reason #5: SEO Improves

Starting April 21, 2015, Google Search will be expanding its use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. — Google.

It is what it is! Responsive web design is a critical factor for ranking high in Google’s results pages. Yet, it doesn’t refer to only Google. Other search engines like Bing, Yahoo!, Baidu etc. also pay very close attention to how your website is optimized for different devices. Providing better experiences for your readers with a professionally developed responsive website, along with having quality backlinks and lower bounce rates, will definitely pay you off in search engine ranking placements (SERPs).


SEO: hero character

Also, having a single professionally developed responsive website means having no duplicate content, which is another important factor for that high SE ranking you long have been seeking for.

Reason #6: Conversion Rates Increase

Now, it is time for the most important reason and anticipated result of having a responsive web design. That’s right! The higher conversion rates! Who wouldn’t want their website to be effective in converting new customers and earning higher incomes? Not us! Not you, definitely!

Surprised young woman. Conversion rates are going up

For a moment, put yourself inthe shoes of your website visitors soon to be customers to see how important responsive web design can actually be in the converting phase. All set? Nice! So, wouldn’t you be more likely to convert into a new customer if the whole process of subscribing to the service was easy, quick and smooth? Yeah, without having to be redirected to device-specific websites! Of course, you would! Experiencing no online frustration while attempting to buy your service no matter on what device, your customers will be more likely to convert than turn to a competitor. Oh! The power of a single responsive web design!

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