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NDigitec Takes Part in InfoComm MEA 2017 Summit

18 January 2018

InfoComm 2017 successfully ended on the 7th of December, leaving many people excited for the upcoming events.


NDigitec, a proud exhibitor, was glad to take part in the 3-day summit. During the summit, the attendees received useful information from Mr. Arabi’s speech. The speech attracted a large number of audience in which Mr. Arabi spoke about The Immersive Reality in Daily Lives.


NDigitec: Augmented reality stand at Infocomm 2017


Apart from the speech, NDigitec booth resulted in attracting the audience for its outstanding creativity. A number of people were amazed by the creation of the booth with a 3D D-Board human model.


Infocomm 2017: AR/VR conference


Infocomm 2017: Presentation hall


Stay tuned for more interesting topics and events. There is a lot more to come from NDigitec, since AR/VR technologies are considered to be one of the hottest trends in the digitalized innovative industry.

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