Certified PDFs

Certified PDF or PDF-Ready to Engrave solutions is tailor-made to serve printing houses with in-house plate making facilities. Such printing houses can outsource all their reprographics requirements to us. Printing houses with in-house plate making facility can send their files, documents and images through the internet and we will work on the same and send it back to them in a matter of hours in form of a PDF file, which will be ready to engrave. We assure complete confidentiality of any document sent to us. We have an expert team to help achieve your reprographics needs for all your prepress requirements in any part of the globe.

We have been serving printing houses of all scales over a period of time and understand – A printing house never stops, in its true sense. The advantages of receiving Certified PDFs from us include no expenditure on high skilled staff, no machine obsolescence issues and zero expenditure on high end software. Any damage to the plates while engraving will not cause any stoppage of work as we provide complete support from our 24 hours dedicated project expert team at your service through the endeavor.

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