Water-washable, Varnish & Metal-based Plates

Our vast experience in Digital Flexo plates has helped us in extending our prepress plates offering into water washable, varnish and metal-based plates.

Our Water washable plates have metal base with a rubber layer which we engrave the artwork on. These plates are specially used for direct printing on cups which are used to store edibles. They add great value to our dry offset printer customers.

Our Varnish & metal-based plates are used by offset print houses across the region for our superior quality and output. The varnish acts as a lamination on the final layer of the plate and has a metal base with a maximum size of 70 x 100 cms. With our NDHD platform, all our water washable, varnish & metal-based plates provide excellent highlights, perfect ink transfer onto the media and make our plates more sustainable and durable.

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