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Each team member at NDigitec shares the belief that “A PROMISE IS A PROMISE”. Being confident and competent, each of NDigitec team members has made 3 promises as their own key performance indicators towards their team, company and most importantly towards NDigitec business partners.

Shahe Kavlakian

Executive Manager


Prepress is a competency of NDIGITEC (Namma Int’l Digitec FZ LLC) which specializes in customized prepress solutions & services. The company’s strength in core facets of Full HD Digital Flexo plates catering to the business of packaging, labeling and corrugators is peerless in the industry. We produce high quality Full HD Digital Flexo plates and deliver the same anywhere in the world. The skill to do the same at highly competitive prices adds great value to our customers all across the globe. Our deep understanding in the technology of prepress ensures flawless transfer quality from the image to plate.

We are the first Full HD Flexo certified prepress company in the Middle East by Esko. Our services range from providing Full HD Digital Flexo plates, online reprographics solutions, pdf-ready to engrave solutions (Certified PDFs) to customized prepress consultancy services and more.

NDIGITEC has always updated itself with the latest technologies available in the global marketplace to cement its position as the most preferred partner to provide Full HD Digital Flexo Plates solutions to printing houses across the Middle East.

The following are few of the domain specific technologies incorporated to support our vision are HD, HD2, Surface Screening, Micro Cell , Flat top, Pixel+, NEXT, LUX and many more, different LPI at different angles in the same plate, simulating the anilox roll on the plate itself, we achieve the best results thanks to the integration between technologies.

NDHD logoNDHD beyond perfection

NDHD is an unprecedented custom built platform by NDIGITEC, which integrates all our high definition solutions to give our customers results which are unseen in the marketplace.

NDHD was created by our hands on experience of over 20 years. We carried out concrete research by combining the human interface to the latest hardware and software technologies to create the most superior platform with extraordinary quality.

We integrated the researched technologies to the actual requirements of customers based on their printing press, material, habits and processes. This gave us an insight into producing Full HD Digital Flexo plates with unrivalled quality through our NDHD platform.

“Through NDHD, NDigitec is changing quality standards in the industry.” – Packaging MEA

Digital Flexo plates

A combination of the latest processing technology of FLAT TOP and PIXEL PLUS to provide unmatched value to many businesses