Editing & Post-Production

Producing and shooting the film in only step 1 – the EDIT is where the magic comes to life.
We understand the value of what a leading editor can bring to a project.
We understand that for a story to come to life you need an artist that knows how to incorporate the tiny nuances and interactions that tell it the way it needs to be told. Whether it be our in-house team or a world leading talent we can supply you with the editor your film (and our showreel) deserves.
In the same way a photograph needs to be retouched, a film needs to be treated with COLOURING & GRADING. This process can create dramatic changes and effects to your film that can draw in a viewer to the exact world you wish to create.
Overall there are many stages to post-production and NDIGITEC PREMEDIA treats them with the same passion and care as we apply to the shooting process.

We can make it happen!

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