AR/VR App Development

During the past two decades, augmented reality went from science fiction to practical reality. Essentially, augmented reality means building upon the real, physical world around us by displaying information overlays and digital content tied to physical objects and locations. With our augmented reality apps, you can bring a static print ad to life, or watch a movie trailer by pointing your smartphone.
Our AR App developers allow users to view embedded digital content within a variety of sources, such as posters, magazine pages, advertisements and product QR codes. These can lead to a variety of extra content, such as movie trailers, product discount codes, linked videos, websites or alternate versions of a page or poster. Let’s immerse your audience into your world of content, a virtual one.

Virtual reality App Development is the latest frontier in advanced technology. While it is still making its way into the market through exhibitions and conferences, we at NDigitec are ready to serve you with hands on experience to design applications which will allow users to waltz their way to the virtual world at ease. With a virtual reality app, you can immerse your audience into your virtual world with the help of a smart phone.
While this still remains a fantasy for many, we at NDigitec have invested in the hardware and skill sets and are ready to integrate this for your business needs. It is a perfect showcase and ice breaking exhibit for trade shows, virtual tours, educational needs, tourism and branding campaigns.
Wait no further and get in touch with us and our team of Virtual App developers will be glad to show you the kind of cool stuff we can do for you.

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