1. To Improve My English
  2. To Be A Gentleman
  3. To Be A Thorough Professional

Each team member at NDigitec shares the belief that “A PROMISE IS A PROMISE”. Being confident and competent, each of NDigitec team members has made 3 promises as their own key performance indicators towards their team, company and most importantly towards NDigitec business partners.

Muhammad Ahsan

Shading/Lighting Artist


Premedia is the creative production competency division of NDIGITEC which provides creative and brand solutions across markets. NDIGITEC Premedia was formed after the merging of the two creative divisions of NDIGITEC, X60 and CS. This merger helped us in offering both our above the line and below the line creative solutions competencies to our customers under one umbrella brand. With this merger, we are able to give our customers the complete value chain of solutions as a one stop shop for creative production.

NDIGITEC Premedia has creative production teams in Dubai, Yerevan and Amsterdam; through them we serve the Regional and international markets. We offer a range of creative solutions aimed at brand owners, media and the graphic arts industry. Our premedia solutions include Concept & Creative Services, Brand Experience Services, Photo & Film Production, CGI & Digital Production, VR and Immersive Experiences, Talent Agency, Creative Concepts & Designs, Structural Concepts & Designs, Studio Photography, Illustrations, Exhibition Stands and Displays Designs, Packaging Designs and more.

Digital Production

2D and 3D animation services, character design, VFX (Visual Effects), motion graphics, motion capture and projection mapping.