Large Format

We have a state of the art facility to give you the best Large Format printing solutions in the region. We have invested in top quality roll to roll, flat bed and hybrid printers with speeds of printing up to 200 square meters per hour. Our Large Format printing services include printing on a wide range of rigid media such as acrylic, ACP, D-Board, wood, glass and many more. We also have digital cutters which will help in cut to shape of the rigid media which makes us an end to end large format printing solutions partner.

Outdoor Media

Our LED large format outdoor printers can print up to 200 square meters per house with a resolution of 8 pico-liter which is the unprecedented in the marketplace.
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Rigid Materials

Print directly onto a wide variety of rigid material including Forex, Foam, Corrugated sheets, D-Board, ACP, wood, glass and more.
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Adhesive & Vinyl

All our adhesive and vinyl solutions come with lamination which helps reduce scratches and makes the print last longer.
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