NDIGITEC to distribute De-Mill’s D-Board in the UAE

Demill and NDIGITEC

NDIGITEC is now the sole distributor in the UAE of D-Board, an inverted corrugated carton board which is 100% recyclable and can be used as the integral material for advertising and promotional activities.

D-Board graphic media board is made by De-Mill, a Finland-based manufacturer.

NDigitec’s marketing manager, Sai Naveen, said the product fits naturally into the company’s existing portfolio.

“We took up the sole distributorship of D-Board in the UAE as it complements seamlessly into our portfolio of solutions and we believe it adds tremendous value to our customers,” he said. “End of the day, our success is the success of our customers”.

De-Mill describes D-Board as strong and rigid, which helps in sustaining heavy weight. It can be bent using a V-cut and comes in a bright white color.

The board comes with a full range of accessories, especially edge bands that give it a unique look, according to the manufacturer.

NDigitec’s expertise and skills in machinery, including the latest UV flatbed printers and digital cutting machines, which are all integrated on a NDHD platform, enables the firm to provide the local market with high-quality eco-friendly products such as exhibition stands, furniture, POS displays, partition walls, display counters, product stands and designed applications.

By using non-VOC biodegradable UV inks on D-Board material, NDigitec also offers a completely eco-friendly solution.

With its PSD (Packaging and Structural Design) team, NDigitec can also customize solutions to suit the needs of its clients with precision. In addition, having an experienced in-house installation team makes NDigitec a quality end to end service provider in the UAE.

Naveen told Packaging MEA that the PSD can custom-make 100% eco-friendly packaging solutions to a client’s requirements.

“The division can create 3D visualization of the structure to be made via D-Board to help the customer understand its applications better,” he said.

“We have the latest flatbed printers which can print directly on the D-Board. We also have the latest range of digital cutting machines which transforms D-Board into a completely cost-effective solution. You can print your marketing communication directly on the D-Board, making it an attractive end-to-end packaging solution for our customers.”

Naveen added that D-Board’s versatility in being “both strong and lightweight” makes it an ideal solution to build walls for stands and backdrops”.


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