NDIGITEC targets ‘digital sticker’ niche


In line with its focus on developing in digital technology, Dubai-based Namma Int’l Digitec FZ (NDigitec) is seeking to build a market in short-run digital labels.

CEO Vatche Kavlakian told Packaging MEA that the company is targeting a wide range of applications, although the market is not yet “ready”.

“They consider stickers as printed in offset or on a roll-to-roll wide format basis,” he said.

“Nobody expects that we can provide them with reel-to-reel flexo-quality digital labelling. So the market is not mature as yet.”

NDIGITEC sees two main markets for the product, he added.

“One is the end user through advertising agencies, and the other target would be our existing prepress customer base,” he said.

“If we have a label customer whom we service for-long run plate making, then we can also offer them a digital proofing service.”

To clarify that the product is not long-run and mass production, the company prefers the term “digital stickers” to “digital labels”, he added.

“These are digital professional stickers for professional products or just fun stickers like birthday stickers for the kids,” he said.

“I believe that people will start recognizing this niche and stickers can be printed digitally on reel material or PE/PP, paper or any other substrate that is used for long runs. We target brand owners, advertising agencies, printers and nonprofessional people as our customer base.”

After a few months of development, NDigitec initiated print production in July.

“The biggest challenge we are facing is sales and marketing as it is difficult to have professional sales for a small and short run projects,” said Kavlakian.

“Time and market maturity is essential to make this business run. But this was a must to complete our digital services umbrella.”

Source: Packaging MEA

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