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UAE Dubai-based prepress specialist NDigitec has introduced an integrated quality platform that it claims delivers an enhanced image quality through “a unique combination of HD, Next, Lux, pixel+ and flattop”.

CEO Vatche Kavlakian told Packaging MEA that his customers recognise the results of NDHD, a platform for “all kinds of digital pre-media, prepress and digital printing applications”.

“They can see image quality that they haven’t seen before,” he said.

“They don’t know how it is happening but they can see the difference in the results.”

“Available technologies have advantages and disadvantages, so we thought, instead of choosing any one, why not get the benefits of the plus points of all the technologies,” said Kavlakian.

“So the idea came up to eliminate all the negative issues and acquire the entire positive. One of the secrets of this platform is that it has a very unique combination of technology and human expertise. I’d like to emphasise this because we can never create such a unique platform without having human expertise or without the latest technology.”

The specific technology used with NDHD depends on the application, he added.

“In packaging there is no standard problem or no standard solution,” he said. “We can only standardise results. Each issue has to be solved uniquely according to the problem. This is the strength of NDHD.”

While implementing NDHD has added to NDigitec’s costs, Kavlakian expects to benefit from enhanced customer loyalty.

“The value addition has created a constant and stable relationship with the customer,” he said.

“This is a long-term investment for us. We believe that this business of prepress will last for another couple of decades.”

Through NDHD, NDigitec is changing quality standards in the industry, added Shahe Kavlakian, production manager.

“We are resetting the benchmark on quality and redefining flexo,” he said.

“Previously, we tried to achieve the benchmark in rotogravure. Now we can achieve the quality in any kind of printing… Jobs which had to be done on gravure we do in flexo with the same quality. I can now create anilox in the plate.”

In addition, NDHD can help NDigitec convince firms to continue outsourcing their prepress operations, he said.

“We have to banish the idea of in-house prepress,” he said.

“We respect our competitors as we are on the same side on the game. Our challenge is with the in-house idea.

“With this platform we find it easier to convince people out of the idea of in-house. This was very difficult five years back. Now our core customers start thinking that they too can add value to the brand owners.

“More and more brand owners in Europe are involving themselves with ideas and expertise from prepress bureaus. Dubai standards are very similar to European standards and we believe that this mentality will come very soon to Dubai as well.”

Kavlakian also presents NDHD as a flexible approach suited to continuing improvement.

“NDHD is a business lifestyle for us,” he said.

“It’s never the end of the road for us in delivering the right quality. NDHD is an open platform that can be improved every day. It can grow better by our expertise and feedback.”

Source: Packaging MEA

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