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  2. To Serve Our Mutual Interest
  3. A Win-Win For All Stakeholders

Each team member at NDigitec shares the belief that “A PROMISE IS A PROMISE”. Being confident and competent, each of NDigitec team members has made 3 promises as their own key performance indicators towards their team, company and most importantly towards NDigitec business partners.

Vatche Kavlakian



NDIGITEC is an organization which offers a value chain of services, structured to meet your demands competently. With over 500 customers spread across 25 countries and with skilled teams working around the clock, we are competent to deliver on our promises to our customers.


NDIGITEC (Namma Int’l Digitec FZ LLC) roots can be traced back to the early 90’s when our company CEO – Vatche Kavlakian started a company which was one of the pioneers in the field of IT integrated prepress services in the Middle East. The company ventured into the field of digital printing in the year 2000. Over the next few years, our experience in prepress, premedia, fabrication and digital printing industry helped us strengthen our knowledge base which has cemented our position as a leading player in the Middle East.

In the year 2005, Digitec partnered with Nesma Holding and gave birth to NDIGITEC (Namma Int’l Digitec FZ LLC). NDIGITEC incorporated NDIGITEC Prepress which started as a prepress company in Dubai to serve printing houses. Due to our ever expanding client base, the company shifted its operations to the International Media Production Zone in Dubai. NDIGITEC entered the digital printing industry in UAE to form NDIGITEC DigiPrint, which caters to most of the top advertising agencies and brand owners for all their digital printing solutions.

NDIGITEC incorporated its creative division X60 in 2012 which was rebranded as NDIGITEC Premedia in 2015 along with the creative services division (CS) to service the creative needs of the brand owners, media and the graphic arts industry. NDIGITEC launched in 2014, DubaiPrint is the first professionally integrated web-to-print with a customized unique platform for professional and personal users in the Middle East. NDIGITEC started its in-house fabrication division in 2014 to meet the requirements of brand owner’s event and exhibition needs across the UAE.

NDIGITEC started its expansion by having branches in KSA in 2009, a production facility in Riyadh, a sales office in Jeddah and in 2015 started an office in Yerevan, Armenia. We also have our support teams in Amsterdam, which are a part of our Premedia division.

Today, NDIGITEC is one of the most sought after and respected contender in the world of prepress, premedia, fabrication and digital printing solutions all over.

Our Team

NDIGITEC is a family of over 150 members. Here are some of the key managers.


Vatche Kavlakian


Shahe Kavlakian

Executive Manager – Prepress

Yeghig Bekerian

Executive Manager – / Head of IT & Operations

Raffi Kavlakian

Executive Manager - Digiprint & Fabrication

Ghada Fakouch

Head of Administration & HR

Daphne Fernandes

Head of Finance

Eyad Arabi

Head of Content Creation Department

Harout Tekelian

Executive Manager – KSA

Sai Naveen

Marketing Manager

Ardo Hampartsoumian

Quality Control Manager

Sumesh Pillai

Accounts Manager

Harout Apkarian

Production Manager – Prepress

Murugesh Mohan

Operations Manager –

Alin Wartan

Production Manager – CCD

Raffi Shashajian

Sales Manager - Prepress

Daniel Sheridan

Executive Producer – Premedia

Sako Kalaydjian

Operations Manager – Digiprint



NDIGITEC, Namma Int’l Digitec FZ LLC believes that the location adds great value to the customer in terms of being accessible to at any time of the year.

NDIGITEC is currently located at offices D65 and E69 in IMPZ, Dubai. NDIGITEC has invested in 110,000 square feet of land in IMPZ for its own building and we plan to move there in 2017. This location will act as a one stop shop for a complete value chain of solutions in one location.

IMPZ – International Media Production Zone

The free zone is indeed one of the core strengths of the country’s economic growth attracting much foreign investment. Under TECOM, IMPZ is a dedicated media production zone; addressing to the needs of graphic art, printing, publishing, packaging and media production. Facilitation of jobs and transfer of technology are some of the key areas in which IMPZ plays a role. The IMPZ spans over 35 million square feet of green field land along the Emirates Road, the road traverses across the seven emirates, linking each through a modern transportation network. IMPZ is a 30 minute drive from the Dubai International airport making it highly accessible to visitors from all over the world. The IMPZ is home to numerous multinational companies, making it ideal for customers with media production needs to be associated with.

Our Beliefs


To enrich lives thro­ugh innovative media and creative produc­tion solutions.


” To meet the unique demands of graphic arts, creative, premedia production, prepress and digital printing regionally and internationally, by promising the latest technologies and continuously improving our high quality standards.”


A promise is a promise

We can make it happen!

A promise is a promise